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Krystal and Saagar: Cuomo SNAPS When Held To Account As Leaders Fail In Nationwide Coronavirus Spike

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Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss Governor Andrew Cuomo's Coronavirus press conference. They also weigh in on measures being put in place in Iowa, Michigan, and Washington State..
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The Hill photo 1 Krystal and Saagar: Cuomo SNAPS... The Hill photo 2 Krystal and Saagar: Cuomo SNAPS... The Hill photo 3 Krystal and Saagar: Cuomo SNAPS... The Hill photo 4 Krystal and Saagar: Cuomo SNAPS...

Remember when everyone was saying Cuomo should be running for president? Hope we can put that to bed now.

by maxsteel32 2 months ago

He and Pelosi are just aghast that a peasant would question them. “How DARE the journalist do a journalism!”

by Jen B 2 months ago

That's how a bully reacts. And we all know bully's are cowards.

by Susannah White 2 months ago

I love every time Krystal says "People aren't stupid" or "People aren't fooled by this", because yes Krystal, they are that stupid and they do believe all the BS.

by Lazy Eye 2 months ago

Cuomo is as much a joke as his brother at this point

by English Guy 2 months ago

I am a small business owner, we saw a bump in our sales immediately after the last stimulus.

by hoosierhiver 2 months ago

“Read the facts!!!! I’m responsible for killing senior citizens!!!! That’s my law!!!!” - Andrew Cuomo

by Big Roy 2 months ago

​Krystal's dress looks like a fancy Burger King work shirt

by Nick Harper 2 months ago

Interestingly, and conversely to what Krystal is saying, here in Quebec, the spike came from schools reopening but somehow we decided to close restaurants and gyms in response. The bottom line is the same, though: the response is always the opposite as to what the data shows.

by smu72 2 months ago

Newsome’s children could go to school in person while our children have to stay home and do distance learning. He’s dining indoor at the French Laundry while we cannot have Thanksgiving indoor with our families.

by Deja Vu 2 months ago

The Government could afford to bail US out for a change. And I don't mean one measly check for $1200! C'mon!

by Simon Sozzi 2 months ago

Cuomo: "Parents aren't confused, you're confused."
Also Cuomo: "You can't handle the confusion"

by Joe Smith 2 months ago

Our gov is a joke and the people are giving up. DIY PANDEMIC

by Sleeve 2 months ago

I guess we screwed up at the polls, no reason for politicians to even pretend to listen to the people anymore.

by Dad Can I Borrow the Watch? 2 months ago

Can someone just hit the down button on the stock market until they pass a stimulus. That’s all they care about!

by terry mcintosh 2 months ago

This is the “grown up in the room” politicians that they talked about compare to Trump. These politician are no better than Trump. They just keep their activities under the radar.

by Pedro Martinez 2 months ago

We need millions in the Streets of DC. We need to make DC look like Hong Kong. We need to scare the crap out of our elected officials!

by B Rod53 2 months ago

Cuomo has been absolutely awful personality wise during this. If 2020 has taught us anything its that the "New York tough guy" breed of politician is not very good at actually governing.

by gigaman6 2 months ago

"Nobody knew it would last this long."

Correction: nobody who looked at this as just a virus thought it would last this long. Everybody who looked at covid as a political tool knew it would..

by False Prophet 2 months ago

Imagine. " Governor Freddo " snaps on the liberal media that love him, because they dared to question his dictatorial virus proclamations.

by Johnny Zeee 2 months ago

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