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Krystal and Saagar: Crisis Triggered By RBG Death Reveals DEEP POLITICAL ROT At Heart Of US System

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Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss President Trump and the GOP's responses to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
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It seems to me that the problem is politicians act more like gang members defending their turf rather than elected officials representing what's best for everyone.

by D. Castillo 1 month ago

I love how the Senate can't be bothered to be in session DURING A CRISIS. but an open SC seat comes up and all these bastards come rushing back to DC

by hudson2441 1 month ago

So I guess this means the second stimulus won't be happening now. Nobody's talking about that anymore.

by CvilleGuy 1 month ago

There will be a new Supreme Court Justice approved before another Relief Bill.

by xCaptxCrunchx 1 month ago

Saagar's tie trying to coordinate with Krystal's awesome shirt lol

by ActivistArts 1 month ago

2020 shall challenge authors of history in ways we've never known.

by Austin Zappas 1 month ago

Another episode in "America - The Decline of an Empire". Keep watching, it gets worse

by Mr Mac 1 month ago

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg won her nomination 96 to 3. That was in 1993.

by 鍾益飛 1 month ago

The very existence of the United States of America is being challenged right now. The corporate establishment takeover of our government is on full display.

by Chase Whitehead 1 month ago

2019: The US has never done worse.

2020: Hold my beer.

by D VDV 1 month ago

Trump was on Fox this morning saying that he'll wait to decide until after services are held for RBG.

Democrats are expected to annouce that services for RBG will not be held until the next Democrat is sworn in as President.

by PrivateEyeYiYi 1 month ago

Democrats are so short sighted. Changed federal appointments from needing 60 votes to be appointed to a simple majority of 51. Consequences of their stupidity.

by jason st john 1 month ago

I actually agree with Saagar, the supreme court shouldn't be this powerful 🤷‍♂️

by Eye Of Horus 1 month ago

Susan Collins cannot be trusted! She's a "bait & switch" politician.

by missdeal07 1 month ago

It all adds up to more evidence of a declining empire.

by Rustyjeff 1 month ago

Newt Gingrich's 'don't work with the other side, ever' plan enacted in the 90s. This is the fruit of that poisoned tree. As long as it's in the interests of the parties to play this style of politics, we're going to continue to watch the country burn.

by xero tech 1 month ago

Washington is like grade school recess fights. Most of them have forgotten they work for the American people. Doesn't matter what side your on to be able to see it.

by Kevin 1 month ago

This country is going to explode

by Nick Barone 1 month ago

The state of the "Union" is very, very depressing.

by Christopher 1 month ago

Don't forget that Harry Reed removed the filibuster for a federal judge first.

I bet he's kicking himself now if he even cares, he retired.

by Ash Green 1 month ago

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