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Professor Explains History of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong | The Great Courses Plus

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What does China’s “One Country, Two Systems” policy mean? And how well did it work? If you’ve watched news coverage of public protests in Hong Kong, you’ll know “One Country, Two Systems” refers to how mainland China promised to govern Hong Kong after Great Britain gave up control there in 1997. It means communist oversight of a capitalist economy and culture. It also refers to China’s relationship with Taiwan..
In this lecture from 2010, “China’s Lost Territories: Taiwan, Hong Kong,” by Richard Baum for The Great Courses Plus, examine the reunification of Hong Kong with China in 1997 and the system that granted domestic autonomy to Hong Kong under Chinese sovereignty. Then track Taiwan's transition to democracy, the turbulent movements for and against independence from China, and Beijing's ongoing strategic efforts to reclaim the island.
--History of China, Korea, Japan & Southeast Asia https://youtu.be/RhNF_EbRgHo
--Asian History Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjlnbdCliaJEyJal2aPPJYQtmNVCSozl8
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The Great Courses Plus photo 1 Professor Explains History of China,... The Great Courses Plus photo 2 Professor Explains History of China,... The Great Courses Plus photo 3 Professor Explains History of China,... The Great Courses Plus photo 4 Professor Explains History of China,...

For 150 years since Britain ruled Hong Kong, no one in Hong Kong has the right to vote. The West's position on this point is hypocritical.

by kevin 11 2 weeks ago

Watching this in light of current events is chilling. We're going to need a followup course on modern China/international relations.

by J.A. Renau 4 months ago

The information about Taiwan-China relationship offered here is way outdated.
The situation has changed a lot for the last 6 years.

by david wu 4 months ago

You need to update this 10 yr old history lesson lol It's pretty much just that now, history

by Carl Browning 4 months ago

Nice to see George bush throw Taiwan under the bus in front of China. Typical.

by DudeDuderino Duderino 3 months ago

Best lecture I have ever heard about this topic!

by Keni Juhua 2 weeks ago

The west thought the ccp would become a democracy- miscalculation by the west

by Friday Harbor 3 months ago

Obviously, not a recent lecture!! In fact 10 YEARS OLD

by Kevin Brown 3 months ago

Good but OUTDATED short history. This is probably recorded in 2010; therefore, Important political events since 2010 are not covered. Many important events happened since 2010.

by C. K. Wong 4 months ago

These politicians make decisions without ever trying to understand the truth about it's opponents until Trump shows up.

by S A 3 months ago

I won't be surprised this Prof has been instrumental in influencing the political outcome of Hong Kong and Taiwan.
For many students at young age of around 20yo, when you paint a stream and craftily say it's a river, many of them will start to believe it's a river each time they see a stream.
Education is generally good but it can also destroy lives if the intention of the educator is evil. This is what we have been witnessing in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

by Rainbow Dance 4 months ago

The professor said every Chinese name correctly, excellent mandarin pronunciation

by Ben Young 4 months ago

Once Governments and the Rich have AI they will no longer need the working class in any country.

by Todd 3 months ago

Dr. Baum...you are really amazing. I hated lectures in college and graduate school...because you were not my prof. You move things along at the right pace and provide lots of interesting ideas and facts. Thank you! I am now one of your groupies. :)

by stoneh2ovino 2 months ago

Seeking devil's men for God's alliance between angel's,God's,great spirit, and devil's men and the devil and white elves

by Elery Champion 2 months ago

This lecture is historically correct and unabiased to either party. Great history lecture rarely found in current media.

by Tony F 4 months ago

How things have now changed. I remarked the differenceses from when I was in HK in the years after reunification and when I last visited around New Year 2019. Things have accelerated since even that time.

by Sean Donovan 3 weeks ago

Don't forget to explain in detail how the British forced HK to be given to them for 150 yrs using the opium war.

by Lee Kh 4 months ago

This was posted in May, but it would be a REAL GOOD IDEA to say when it was recorded.

by Escape Felicity 3 months ago

"In general, then, the principle of 'one country, two systems' has worked out rather well in Hong Kong''s Special Administrative Region." That was still okay on May 29, 2020.

But by the first of July, the editorial in the Financial Times was: "The end of one country, two systems in Hong Kong".

by AyiaSophia 3 months ago

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