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Game Theory: Joel's Choice Meant Nothing! (The Last of Us)

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The Last of Us is one of the most gut wrenching games to come out in recent memory and, since The Last of Us Part 2 is out now, what better time to sink my teeth into this franchise! You know that gut punch, emotional rollercoaster ride I was just talking about? What if I told you that your final choice of the game to save Ellie or let her die to save the world was WRONG? What do I mean? Get ready Theorists, I'm about to blow your mind!
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Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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The Game Theorists photo 1 Game Theory: Joel's Choice Meant... The Game Theorists photo 2 Game Theory: Joel's Choice Meant... The Game Theorists photo 3 Game Theory: Joel's Choice Meant... The Game Theorists photo 4 Game Theory: Joel's Choice Meant...

When Ellie was tuning the guitar, I said sarcastically "Oh, I bet she's gonna play Megalovania."
As soon as I heard those four notes, I fell out of my chair laughing.

by WHITESTRIPE99 1 months ago

im astonished by how well matpat explained viruses and fungi without making it complicated

by Noa M4 1 months ago


Ellie is not immune, the parasite that has infected her is a mutated specimen.

The operation would not be successful, people keep saying that "she is immune" but she is no more immune than anyone else.

How to do it right.

Make a small intrusion and get a sample of the parasite, then you infect yourself. Yes that's right.

Ellie is immune since she already is infected, the parasites can't graft onto her since there is already one there.

What not to do?

Cut up a little girl on the of chance that the nurses have learned enough about parasites by reading books.

by Oliver Hugaas 1 months ago

“Vaccines are good. They save lives. Hundreds of thousands of lives.”

Karen did not like that

by Nicosan 1 months ago

"The fireflies were just idiots." It carries so much meaning and delivery.

by ailehunter 1 months ago

So from a logical standpoint, Joel's decision was the best, assuming Abby's father was a fool of a doctor. Thank you.

by Th1zDwK 1 months ago

joel: (wakes up)
marlene: sorry, they didnt know who you were
joel: wheres ellie?
marlene: they just did some tests on her and took some of her antibodies, we have a vaccine now
ellie: (walks in) ayo whats up joel

(credits roll)

edit: thanks for all the likes guys, i appreciate it 👍

by Knite 1 months ago

So, I should 100% hate Jerry the surgeon now.

More like 110%, I already hated his guts for trying to operate on someone without their permission

by Incog Elbowtross 1 months ago

This isn’t even a theory, this is just a game fact.

by MAXY WAXY199 1 months ago

2020: Has so many doctors taking months and months trying to create a vaccine for covid
Fireflies: yeah one test subject is enough to reverse engineer a vaccine for the apocalypse

by 말로우마쉬 1 months ago

If the Lord give Joel another chance to save Ellie he would do it again.

by Dragon Tiger 1 months ago

If I were I the game developers I could probably make a whole 3rd game based on the information given in the video. Like Ellie meeting someone that tells her the fireflies were wrong and that Joel made the right choice and that kickstarts some sort of chain of events idk...

by BAO 03 3 weeks ago

Joels choice did mean something though. Saving Ellie from idiots who don't know what they're doing is still saving Ellie, it's just not sacrificing anything to do it.

by Saul Sykes 1 months ago

Even if the Fireflies somehow managed to manufacture a vaccine successfully, there isn't a doubt in my mind that they would weaponize it in some way knowing what we know about them.

by Brandon Smith 1 months ago

I never thought the ending was a choice. If it were a moral choice, I feel like they would have made it a choice with two endings. Instead, it was to show how far Joel would go to protect someone he loves. At the end, he even tells Ellie to find someone worth living and fighting for. The entire game was more showing Joel's development. He starts the game as a broken man, who doesn't care about much of anything. Life stopped having meaning the day he lost Sarah, and he wasn't living, just surviving. Meeting Ellie changed his entire world view, and he slowly comes out of his shell until the very end where he'd do anything to protect her.
I think Marlene just keeps using the term vaccine incorrectly because most of the time they call it a cure. It seemed like their plan was to take out the mutated fungus from Ellie's brain to figure out how it mutated, and see if they can replicate it when others get infected. That way, over time, the infected will be killed off and people won't turn just from spores being in the air. Druckmann has since confirmed that the cure would have been created (somehow by a bunch of terrorists in lab coats) because this moral decision only became a focal point to show how wrong and selfish Joel was so they could create stupid conflict with Ellie and justify everything Abby does.

by Kelsey C 1 months ago

Last Of Us 3: Ellie learns that Joel saved the world by saving her from those dumb Fireflys & she is able to create the vaccine for real & the apocalypse is over.

by Brad ShadowDog 1 months ago

*Ellie plays megalovania*
Joel: What are you doing?
Ellie: H A V I N G A B A D T I M E !

by crystalpie 1 months ago

I love that there is a nod to “Half Life: but the AI is Self aware”

by Exerect 1 months ago

This wasn't a "Game Theory"

This man is just spitting straight fax

by collnes5 1 months ago

Why does Megalovania fit so well??

by DinoCola 1 months ago

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