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Food Theory: You've Been SCAMMED...and Never Knew It! (Supermarket Secrets)

#supermarket scam #food shopping #food science #nerdy nummies #Howto & Style
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Grocery shopping is something everyone has to do. We all need to eat! Yet, I'm sure you wish that you could save some money on your trip. Oh, there are store card and coupons telling you how to save, but what if I told you that you are STILL being scammed? That's right Food Theorist, the supermarket is hacking your brain to make you spend more without you ever realizing it! How does it happen and is there a way to resist? Let's find out!
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Credits, Writers: Matthew Patrick, Alaina Rook, and Luke Barats
Editor :Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy  
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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The Food Theorists photo 1 Food Theory: You've Been SCAMMED...and... The Food Theorists photo 2 Food Theory: You've Been SCAMMED...and... The Food Theorists photo 3 Food Theory: You've Been SCAMMED...and... The Food Theorists photo 4 Food Theory: You've Been SCAMMED...and...

This whole channel feels like an advanced ploy to finally get sponsored by diet coke.

by The Mario Kid 3 months ago

Checkout Line: purposely too narrow so you can't put something back

My Mom handing me something and telling me to hurry up and run it back to where we picked it up: Bet

by Victoria Simms 3 weeks ago


by Momo MD 1 month ago

What I do is only bring like $10 so I physically can't buy more than what I come for

by God of Pizza 1 month ago

"You failed for the tricks, you are now a statistic"
Oof that hurt

by The Mayan Guy 3 weeks ago

POV: You’re a Schizophrenic and the voice in your head sounds like the guy who does those FNAF theories

by Ranxrox 2 months ago

Matpat: Who’s a good little shopper?
Me watching this while being at the grocery store: I AM!

by Hikari Studios Art 4 weeks ago

I never thought Mat would ever call me a statistic.

by Silver Ghost 1 month ago

"Best thing is to get in and out and quickly as possible". Dadpat upgrade is now complete

by byobob 1 month ago

Next time I walk into the super market, I’m gonna scream, “You’re not gonna scam me today fools.”

by Le poisson 4 weeks ago

This channel has got to be one of the most “one of these is not like the other” things I’ve ever seen and I’m all for it

by Sam Hyttsten 3 months ago

I just wanted to point out something as a marketer. When you walk into a store the sweet deserts are designed both as a way to get you to buy impulsively but it also works to get you to buy additional items because your brain believes that you did something good by turning down something expensive, unhealthy, or unwanted.
So you are more likely to buy something more expensive because because you think you can reward yourself for not getting that cake.
I love this channel and this video is right up my alley. Keep up the good work!

by Doug Santeramo 3 weeks ago

Me: has bad eyesight and refuses to use my glasses, has a REALLY bad sense of smell, and has bad hearing on top of wearing my wireless branded earbuds, dude, I'm 16 and 3 of my 5 basic senses are screwed, these grocery stores aint gonna get me

by Conner Hutchens 1 month ago

When people say psychology is a soft science or not an “actual” science, but aren’t even aware of how their mind is being manipulated every single day because they don’t read psych studies😩🤣.

by Atzallali Saucedo-Ruiz 4 weeks ago

Jokes on you my allergies are so bad constantly I cant even imagine what smelling is

by Joseph Ladisa 1 month ago

As one who was in the grocery buissness for over 3 years, this is all true.

by Jacob keyser 2 months ago

Shopping hack: Wear headphones and blast death metal. The jazz trickery won't stand a chance 🧠

by Adam Greenhill 1 week ago

I wonder how people would see him. With his hands in front of him and weird camera placement! Lol that would look so weird


My dad is terrifyingly quick in the store and doesn’t even know about this stuff

by Soup 1 week ago

Rules to remember.

1. Never shop when hungry.
2. Make a list before you go.
3. Use the coupons for things that are on your list. Only on the list.

by Butterfly Utonium 1 week ago

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