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Food Theory: You're Cooking Your Thanksgiving Turkey WRONG!

#cooking #thanksgiving dinner #food theorists #game theory #Howto & Style
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It's that time of year again, where we all prepare to cook our favorite bird - the turkey! Listen, I am a connoisseur of Thanksgiving meals and the turkey is something I look forward to all year. So, it is VERY important to me to make sure that you are cooking your turkey the RIGHT way! You see, many people are doing it all WRONG! Today Theorists, I will show you the definitive way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey to make your dinner spectacular!
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Credits, Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper, and Luke Barats
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy.
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman.
#Turkey #Thanksgiving #TurkeyRecipe #ThanksgivingRecipe #Cooking #Holiday #FoodTheory #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory

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The Food Theorists photo 1 Food Theory: You're Cooking Your... The Food Theorists photo 2 Food Theory: You're Cooking Your... The Food Theorists photo 3 Food Theory: You're Cooking Your... The Food Theorists photo 4 Food Theory: You're Cooking Your...

When you realise MatPat can keep your attention longer with different ways to cook a turkey than any of your teachers ever could

by Luke Lee 2 months ago

I showed this video to my parents and they both asked about MatPat’s “Michael Jackson jacket”

by CSG 2 months ago

Me: lives on a country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving.

Also me: clicks on the video

by JGR 2 months ago

Imagine if the turkey came back to life when stephany did the CPR

by edi s 2 months ago

Can we just have a dedicated part of this channel just being matpat trying with steph new types of cooking methods and recipes?

by SnowWolf 8604 1 month ago

Someone's tell Stephanie to stop flirting with the turkey she's a married woman

by Virginia Watts 2 months ago

“I think he is sufficiently dead”

Hold up

by Ralph Hidalgo 2 months ago

I don't know why I'm watching this. Is past thanks giving. IM NOT EVEN AMERICAN

by cyan 1 month ago

Matpat: “Turkey makes me so happy.”
He’s so pure 😂😂😂💚

by Angela Wintering 1 month ago

Commenting “spatchcock” just to see if Youtube flags it 🤣

by Watts The Safeword 2 months ago

This is the only way to cook a bird from now on. Cooked my Thanksgiving turkey like this this year and just cooked two cornish hens for Christmas dinner with this method. Video changed my life. Thanks man.

by Jose Giovanni 1 month ago

As a certified lifeguard, I gotta say I really enjoyed the CPR bit. You guys have a good sense of humor.

by C. D. Baker 2 months ago

Me watching this from a country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving:
Hmm interesting

by Xx_cheezydoritos_xX 2 months ago

Also matt you and Steph look CUTE together! I almost imagined me and the girl I like being together like that!

by pkmn trainer Red 1 month ago

Stephanie: explaining in extreme detail how the turkey is amazing
MatPat: "I like turkey. Turkey makes me happy."

by Geeky Gamer 2 months ago

May Pat:”Name a more iconic duo, turkey and Thanks giving!
Me:”Mat Pat and angry reddit users👉🥺🥸

by Harry Parsons 2 months ago

As a member of the marching band, I never thought anyone would use the words non stressful and thanksgiving day parade in the same paragraph, even thinking about it gives me flashbacks...

by Amelia Bittner 1 month ago

Imagine not buying pre cooked turkey and just warming it

This post was made by minimum wage gang

by Dogeymcdogeface 1 month ago

"Turkey makes me happy" that was so nice🙂

by Andrei Secan 1 month ago

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