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Food Theory: Kool Aid Man Is A Marvel Villain!

#food #x men #game theory #matpat theory #Howto & Style
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Marvel is famous for its memorable characters - Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Storm, etc.. Except, there is one that many have forgotten. A character with so much power, he breaks things by just entering a room. No, I am not talking about the Hulk or Thanos snapping things away. I'm talking about the Kool-Aid Man. He is the most powerful Marvel character you never knew was a Marvel character and I have the proof!
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Credits, Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Researcher: Zach Stewart
Editors: Forrest Lee and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy  
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

#kool-aid #xmen #thanos meme #kool aid meme #kool aid man meme #phase 4 #matpat new channel #marvel trailer #kool aid man commercial #food theorists #food science #food myth #rosanna pansino #film theorists #matpat #kool-aid man #dessert #nerdy nummies #kool aid man oh yeah #without a recipe #kool aid #film theory #marvel phase 4 #marvel #thanos #kool aid man #food myths #food theory #game theorists #kool aid commercial #meme #mcu

The Food Theorists photo 1 Food Theory: Kool Aid Man... The Food Theorists photo 2 Food Theory: Kool Aid Man... The Food Theorists photo 3 Food Theory: Kool Aid Man... The Food Theorists photo 4 Food Theory: Kool Aid Man...

Me: Reads the title.
Also me: immediately thinks... Matpats loosing it.

by Sweet Art8303 3 weeks ago

Marvel then: "omg thanos is op😱😱😱"

Marvel now: "OH YEAH"

by Tomy Sonardi 1 month ago

“Who’s your favourite Marvel Super hero/villain?”
“Kool Aid Man”
“I’m sorry what?”
“Did I stutter?”

by ABritish Britain 2 months ago

Girls: I only like boys that are 6ft
Kool-Aid Man: hey

by Unknown14 YT 2 weeks ago

“It’s time to recognize the truth of the matter. Kool-Aid man is in a position, too hurt you.”

by MS.OM 1 month ago

Police when they see that Kool-aid man is disappearing people: NOW THIS IS AN AVENGERS LEVEL THREAT
The Avengers: Aww crap, here we go again

by Alex EMT Studios 1 month ago

Therapist: the Kool-Aid Man is not real, he can't hurt you.

Kool-Aid Man: *bursts through the wall* OOOH YEAAAH

by Sgátler Squad 2 days ago

MatPat has never sounded more like an actual crazy wackadoo conspiracy theorist and I love it.

How did this reach 14k likes? If Matt sees this, I love your content, keep at it man.

by Gameboy Evan 2 months ago

There was a cartoon on Nickelodeon called "the adventures of kid danger" where the "Wahoo Punch Bro" (off brand Kool Aid Man) goes crazy and tries to contaminate the town's water with the "Wahoo Punch". Dark.

by abigail 2 days ago

Ironically, the more advance human technology get, the more “powderful” Kool aid man become, since the ads is going to be more technology advanced.

by Vu Le 3 weeks ago

"Every Marvel Character you care about"
Defenders and Punisher: "Are we a joke to you???"

by Paul Keeney 3 weeks ago

“His durability is never put to the test” MatPat. So you’re telling me smashing through multiple walls without a single scratch isn’t a test?

by Coke A Cola 2 days ago

Dr. Strange: "is that everyone?"
Wong: "you wanted MORE?"
Kool-aid man (busting through a portal):
"Ooh yeah"

by Zach H 2 months ago

"Hey jason do you remember the koolaid man?"




by buddered egg 3 weeks ago

“Well, that’s precisely where you’re wrong, Jack!”

cries I feel so attacked...

by generic_twat 3 weeks ago

Me: kool-aid man theory meh
Me after watching 2 months later: I am impressed by this theory.

Why do I always doubt how interesting Matt pats theories will be. No matter how boring they sound he always delivers

by meh! 2 days ago

Therapist: it’s ok kool aid man won’t hurt the mcu
Me: calms down
Mat pat: “actually... he can”

by Juice 1 day ago

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