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Food Theory: Froot Loops and Apple Jacks Are SECRETLY The Same!

#binging with babish #game theory #food commercial #film theorists #Howto & Style
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Breakfast cereal is a staple of many childhoods. Trying to get your parents to buy you the cool cereal with the fun and colorful box? Been there, done that! Now that Food Theory exists, I can go back and try to answer some of the questions that have haunted me since childhood. Questions like, what the heck do Apple Jacks actually taste like? They never say they taste just like apples despite it being in the name! So what flavor are they and WHY do they taste awfully close to their competition - Froot Loops? Get your cereal bowls ready, Theorists!
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Credits, Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy  
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman 
#AppleJacks #FrootLoops #Cereal #Breafast #CerealCommercial #FruitLoops #FoodTheory #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory

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The Food Theorists photo 1 Food Theory: Froot Loops and... The Food Theorists photo 2 Food Theory: Froot Loops and... The Food Theorists photo 3 Food Theory: Froot Loops and... The Food Theorists photo 4 Food Theory: Froot Loops and...

Imagine finding three people eating Apple Jacks in a heavily graffitied alleyway

by TumbleWede 2 months ago

So Matpat usually destroys our childhoods, but in this episode, his childhood gets destroyed also.

by Leah Smith 1 month ago

When Mattpat said that Froot Loops all taste the same and he was shocked, I was like
"Wait so I actually knew something before him???"

by Mahiba Mansoor 1 month ago

When you knew Froot Loops were the same flavor before MatPat: This power...... I can feel it surging.

by Quintin Andino 2 months ago

I didn’t realize this.. wasn’t common knowledge. No one has ever tasted a difference in the froot loops besides you mat

by Jaden Fish 1 month ago

When we turn mattpats childhood for a change.
First time

by Ice blaze 1 month ago

New healthy food: cardboard
Reason: it contains fiber٫ and fiber cleans out you digestive track.
i should start eating cardboard more often.

by Rhina Rosario 1 month ago

Loop 1: "It's a citrus"
Loop 2: "It's a subtler citrus"
Loop 3: "It's a subtler citrus"
Loop 4: "It's a subtler citrus"
Loop 5: "It's a subtler citrus"
Loop 6: "It's pretty subtle"

by 111 111 2 months ago

I honestly thought when I was younger, “why do Apple Jacks taste like Froot Loops?”

by Fishy Claps 5 days ago

Why call them Apple Jacks when you could call them “Spicy Loops”

by What I Wonder 1 week ago

"what does it taste like" reminded me that Mtn DEW is apparently mostly orange flavored... at least according to Wikipedia.

by spiderobert 1 month ago

Are Skittles also all one flavor?

by CZsWorld 1 week ago

People: Matpat tell us if cereal is a soup
Matpat: did I hear cereal

by Robert TV 2 months ago

Here's my theory
When our eyes see one color, we associate it with certain flavors. So if all of the loops have all of the flavors, the one we associate the color with will stick out.
But if we don't see the color, we won't be able to associate a flavor, meaning that none of the flavors will stand out.

by Sandy Fair 4 days ago

The various froot loops colors never tasted differently to me. Even as a kid I knew they all tasted the same. I'm surprised so many people thought they were different

by OgichiGame 1 month ago

Hi everyone! I hope you stay safe, have a nice day, and enjoy the holiday season! God bless you! <3 :D

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Me before: they are different
Me during: YOU ARE WRONG
Me after: my life is a lie

by Jordan Negrellos 1 week ago

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