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Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His Girlfriend After Years Apart | The Dodo Faith = Restored

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Wild horse sprints to his girlfriend after 2 years apart 💕
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The Dodo photo 1 Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His... The Dodo photo 2 Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His... The Dodo photo 3 Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His... The Dodo photo 4 Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His...

She dedicated 2 years of her life to reunite two random horses. What a person she is

by Mac Doodles 2 days ago

My boy hasn’t seen “his mare” in like 7 years he literally jumped a fence just to graze with her one day 😭😭😭😭😭 I’m CRYING this was so beautiful

by Shan Pauline 1 day ago

if someone else got phoenix he would be still searching today, this woman deserves everything omg.

by Idk Idc 1 day ago

this horses relationship is more stable than my life

by Maymouna Akther 2 days ago

“Phoenix” and “ghost” sounds like a modern warfare mission

by TomatoToast07 1 day ago

Me: “I’m feeling a bit depressed today”
YouTube algorithm:

by Elijah 1 day ago

What a better planet this would be if all humans felt, believed and acted like this woman. All animals think, feel, love, grieve and remember

by Rosemary Smith 3 days ago

She's more than a mere girlfriend, she's obviously his soulmate

by Sarah Fayecroft 1 week ago

A horse has a girlfriend but not me?
I'm actually happy for this horse

by Wally Fone 1 day ago

The horses are probably like "oh hey it's you" and people are over here crying

by Alvaro Hernandez 2 days ago

What Phoenix was actually thinking: “ some dry ass grass

by Doknula 2 days ago

This is literally the “babe my parents aren’t home” meme

by Xeno 22 hours ago

Even a horse has a girlfriend. I'm feeling lonelier now.

by Pokka Cola 1 week ago

I met my uncle’s dog when she was a baby dog. We have incredible moments. 5 years later, I back to country to visit them, she became really big, I can’t recognised her and a bit scare of her because she barking at us horribly. But after we getting closer, she showed her tummy and I realised It’s her! It’s been over 10 years although I knew she died, I still miss her and remember our happy moments when she was baby.

by Mojito 2 days ago

This seems so like animated movie - Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 😍

by misuyy fong 3 days ago

In that moment it was like they’ve never been apart, Ghost : shits

by Obey R2 1 day ago

Guess horse's are like humans, at the right time they do their thing.

by Dead South 1 day ago

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