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Trump's Border Wall: A Four-Year Saga | The Daily Show

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Trump’s border wall went from “Mexico’s gonna pay” to Mexicans literally stealing pieces of the wall. Here’s a recap of the four-year saga. #DailyShow #Trump #TrevorNoah
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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah photo 1 Trump's Border Wall: A Four-Year... The Daily Show with Trevor Noah photo 2 Trump's Border Wall: A Four-Year... The Daily Show with Trevor Noah photo 3 Trump's Border Wall: A Four-Year... The Daily Show with Trevor Noah photo 4 Trump's Border Wall: A Four-Year...

Mexico's president actually laughed when he was told mexico would pay for the wall...lol

by Crystal Ruiz 5 months ago

"I built a wall around my house... and Donald Trump payed for it." 😂👏👏

by Amna TheGrande 5 months ago

And Trump supporters tried to say something was wrong with Biden's brain .. too funny

by Redridge07 5 months ago

I forgot Trevor used to wear suits and sit in a studio.

by April 5 months ago

To be fair, thanks to Trump’s complete ineptitude with handling the pandemic response, no one from any country wants to travel to the US, nor can we travel to theirs. Trump has built a wall around the whole of America, he just didn’t tell us we’d all be stuck inside.

by midknight 5 months ago

Me: How did we survive 4 years of this man?
Also Me: Trevor noah that's how

by Roni B 5 months ago

I love how this ended with: "Mexico's trying to steal the wall." 😂👏

by Amna TheGrande 5 months ago

"They might write us a check by the time they see what happens"
"Obviously they're not gonna write a check"

The Trump presidency in a nutshell.

by Michel Charbonnier 1 month ago

I don't know who this guy is, but he is so funny, I LOVE his Trump voice

by Jamie Angel 5 months ago

Imagine having a president who wants to build a multi billion dollar wall that can be defeated by a 40 dollar ladder

by Book ? 5 months ago

The wall is gonna pay for itself in monthly installments. LOL!!

by Mohammed Irfan 5 months ago

Trevor, thank you so much for keeping us in stitches during this wackiest of times.

by mrscms831 5 months ago

A wall is older than the wheel...
"few seconds later"
The wheel is older than the wall...

You see what I mean?

by Lukas von Daheim 5 months ago

I cannot believe this man is the president and has a shot at getting re-elected. Lord help us all

by Rosa Jennings 5 months ago

We thought he'd run the country like a business. It turns out that he's running the country like one of his businesses.

by Kaga Kai 5 months ago

The worst and most disgusting president in America's history has been fired by American citizens.

by John P. Falzarano 4 months ago

Immediately after trump stated that he would leave the country if he lost, Mexico (as well as every other country) began building their own wall, to keep him out.

by cmacdhon 5 months ago

"The only thing worse than one trump... is many trumps." Truer words have never been spoken.

by killeing 5 months ago

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