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Jordan Klepper Hits One Last Trump Rally Before the Election | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Jordan Klepper hits up one final Trump rally before Election Day to hear what Trump’s supporters think about Hunter Biden’s laptop, nepotism and more. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #TrumpRally
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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah photo 1 Jordan Klepper Hits One Last... The Daily Show with Trevor Noah photo 2 Jordan Klepper Hits One Last... The Daily Show with Trevor Noah photo 3 Jordan Klepper Hits One Last... The Daily Show with Trevor Noah photo 4 Jordan Klepper Hits One Last...

Klepper has an amazing skill with quick comebacks and using peoples logic, or lack their of, against them. What a gem!

by Kevin The Tech Ninja 2 months ago

Imagine that, a bunch of people who don't want immigrants in their country, threatening to become an immigrant to another country and expecting them to welcome them with open arms.

by Omar Abu-Salih 2 months ago

Comparing Princess Diana to Ivanka, as a Brit I would have shut that down immediately

by Meera Kumar 1 month ago

Lmao comparing Lady Diana to Ivanka should be illegal. Lady Diana is rolling in her grave.

by Abbey Reed 2 months ago

my girlfriends parents went to a trump rally, took their masks off, and got sick. and then had no idea why they were sick.

by Blim M 4 days ago

What's clear is that Trump supporters are convinced. They have no idea of what they are convinced of, but dammit, they are totally convinced!

by Greg Foles 2 months ago

"It is a disgusting trade, to make money of your father, right?"
"What do you think of Ivanka?"
Lmao. Savage

by Leyi Zhang 2 months ago

They can’t even explain their own conspiracy theories, or realise that they’re being made fun of. Trumps low information voters...

by Hika Reti 2 months ago

Legend has it that Toni is still looking for the facts sheet.

by Xhi 2 months ago

The last woman in this video is not welcome in our country.
~Costa Rica Government

by Marlon E 2 months ago

"I will not live under a socialist government, I'll move to Costa Rica." "Costa Rica which has universal healthcare?" "It's not socialist." These people are a wonderful mess. They sound like children that heard their parents use some big words.

by Kevin 2 months ago

okay this has convinced me that this is an actual cult because there’s no way so many people could be so blind

by Theresa Akubuilo 2 months ago

As a Costa Rican I would like to very respectfully refuse the lady from entering the country, thank you very much

by kacie solis 2 months ago

"The camelback" - Just goes to show what it's really all about, when they say "Make America Great Again" - white supremacy and uninhibited racism.

by Daniel Temesvari 2 months ago

That lady was so stupid she didn't even know she was being made fun of.

by MrBear2073 1 month ago

the argentina joke omg she didn’t even understand that he was lowkey calling her a nazi

by opzz xsin 2 months ago

“Let’s talk about African Americans under Trump” “Great. What did he do?” “…uhh… what DID he do?” 😂

by Emily An 2 months ago

that camelback statement actually shocked me. i will never understand how people can just be blatantly racist and xenophobic.

by Audrey Hackett 1 month ago

"Costa Rica has universal healthcare"
"I'm not gonna live under socialist rule"

Oh honey

by Sarah Holland 1 month ago

Never miss this guys vids. Can’t wait for your next one.

by Nextraker 2 months ago

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