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Jon Stewart Talks Confederate Statues, COVID-19 & “Irresistible” | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Jon Stewart discusses the removal of Confederate statues, the politicization of the pandemic, what gives him hope and his new film, “Irresistible.” #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #JonStewart
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It baffles me how all the people that Jon Stewart hired are now at the top of their game and have their own shows: John Oliver , Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, Hasan Minhaj, Trevor Noah .. all of them can be traced back to Jon Stewart . He has an amazing eye for talented people ..

by Sarah Alghailani 6 months ago

you can literally tell how much trevor respects and admires Jon. no other person trevor has interviewed can light up his eyes and the little boy inside him than jon.

by Chelsea Cheung 6 months ago

"Apparently sanitary conditions are a liberal myth - John Stewart" should be on a t-shirt!

by taniwa08 6 months ago

Aww, Trevor looked like he was fighting back tears after that compliment. Go 'head Brotha and soak it in. You've come a long way, worked hard and are doing a great job.

by Mrs.M .Santos 6 months ago

This is why I like Jon Stewart. He parodies the conservative right but he's a liberal that doesn't want to judge people with different beliefs but instead he actually just cares about what's important. Regular people.

by mugensamurai 6 months ago

The look on Trevor's face as someone he looks up to says he's super proud of how he's running the show he used to run is just pure joy.

by Nate 6 months ago

I cried big girl tears when Jon praised Trevor. Jon is such a genuine and inspirational person, to have him as a mentor and to hear this ... to see your protege shine and making you proud like this... 😭❤ I love them both so much.

by Bruno'sBaBySquirrel 6 months ago

"The handsomeness, if I may, feels a little bit like a personal attack"

by Siara Singleton 6 months ago

When Jon started complimenting Trevor towards the end,

Trevor really looked like he would cry :*

by Ramsha Hashmi 6 months ago

I was so sad when Jon Stewart left the Daily Show, but watching Trevor Noah help him look into a computer camera properly is the perfect metaphor to say “it was time”.

~Miss Jon Stewart, but love watching Trevor Noah make this show his own. ~

by Erin Walsh 6 months ago

A lot of people like this "new" Trevor better, and it's not the dimples.

I think what we are seeing, Trevor, is you taking more control over the direction of the show and it's obvious that people like you hosting your own show. I too missed Jon and thought, who is this guy? Then I saw your stand up, and I was like oh shit yeah this guy's hilarious and real. Comedy Central just didn't give enough of that control to you in the show. I don't know if it's being at home, the hoodies, the beard, or the lack of a commute, but you're more relaxed and you are showing through more.
When the studio reopens and they bring back the audience, let's keep seeing this Trevor, the one who is running his show. The Daily Trevor Noah Show.

by HaikatrineKat 6 months ago

"If you could do the show without dimples..."
I know, Jon, I know. It's distracting.

by Vanessa Crooks 6 months ago

Wise men.
Agreed 100% with this analysis.
The Saddam comparison is sooooooo fitting.

by Ralph Bernhard 6 months ago

You can literally see trevor's eyes watering when Jon starts praising him. That's a hell of a moment and it's top notch.

by TreyV0id 6 months ago

"all the people in this country who are essential to its functioning are the lowest paid."

by blairaaa 6 months ago

He's spot on when he compares the wearing a mask with a surgeon wearing a mask for your safety as well. It's true

by Danielle Gager 6 months ago

Why is Jon Stewart doing interviews? I'd rather he not see us like this.

by kcjoker71 6 months ago

When hand washing was first promoted for doctors there WAS a lot of resistance to it. We know better now, as we will probably all understand masks better soon.

by Bill P 6 months ago

Whenever Jon is on this show, I'm reminded of the first time he came back: "Papa?" 🤣

by VB S 6 months ago

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