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A Look Back at Trump’s India Visit | The Daily Show

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Remember when Trump paid a visit to India last February and proved that he can’t pronounce words in ANY language? #DailyShow #Trump #Throwback
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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah photo 1 A Look Back at Trump’s... The Daily Show with Trevor Noah photo 2 A Look Back at Trump’s... The Daily Show with Trevor Noah photo 3 A Look Back at Trump’s... The Daily Show with Trevor Noah photo 4 A Look Back at Trump’s...

Trump overnight became a meme sensation for us indians after that botched speech 😂

by Varun mehta 3 months ago

When you struggle with views,
Mention INDIA.
We are 7 million active at any time.

by Zapper Z 3 months ago

Trump probably don't even know beef comes from cow.

by XUA VANG 3 months ago

"Look at India, it's filthy" said Trump at the presidential debate.

by michael young 1 month ago

Trevor speaking Hindi perfectly is scary but impressive. At least he had the accent, Trump has one, the Trumpish accent.

by Moonlighter 3 months ago

'Okay Anushka first cousins only"😂😂😂😂

by lathi com 3 months ago

After all this he still said "Look at India, it's filthy" at the presidential debate lmaooooooooooooo

by Alok Lokhande 3 months ago

If Trump were to eat a vegetable, it would basically be cannibalism.

by Dat Meme 3 months ago

bruh he not only spoke Hindi proper but he also did it in trump voice,

by Alina Bhojani 3 months ago

Okay let me tell everyone here something. The people filled are fall into these categories -
1. Modi fans
2. Random villagers who will join any show if you ask them nicely
3. School kids from govt schools
4. College kids
5. Local artists who were employed for those performances
6. People vele (jobless-aimless) enough to wanna hear a white man speak.
And yes that can count up to 7 mil.

by Ashwati Menon 3 months ago

We're going to miss Trump so much. He gave us lots of memes

by Doctor Brain 3 months ago

"They built a wall and I've not seen a single Mexican. It works, folks" This line 😂😂😂😂

by cybersecurity guy 3 months ago

The fact that Trevor speaks Hindi so fluently amazes me 😂

by Uday Garg 3 months ago

"It's india, to be fair there's 7 million people between any two locations"

by m.a. b.a 3 months ago

Trevor laughing at his own lines is so wholesome

by Elsie Hamstra 3 months ago

"they build a wall and I didn't see a single Mexican" lololol

by Emanuel A 3 months ago

This shit went viral in Indian WhatsApp !!!!😂😂😂

by Bessy Jose 3 months ago

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