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I Watched Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

#Miles Morales #I Watched Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found #Spider-Man #I Watched Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse in 0.25x Speed #People & Blogs
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Today's Edition of I Watched In 0.25x Speed: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, with 51 new details, this is by far the most I have found in any of the films that I've watched. Hope you enjoy this video.
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My next video will be a "Non-Marvel" movie at 0.25x speed, till then enjoy this one where I found a whopping 51 new details!

by The Canadian Lad 2 months ago

I love how they have final swing like the Spider-Man trilogy

by Macam TV 2 months ago

Did you notice that until miles was "fully" spiderman, he was animated at 12 frames per second while peter was animated in 24 frames per second? this was to show that while peter is very fluid and constant with his movement, miles was still learning and was unsure.

by Argoll 4 weeks ago

While the thing about 42 being a reference to Jackie Robinson may be true, 42 is the number of the comic that Miles Morales first appeared in.

by Kitty Smith 3 weeks ago

Peter B Parker loses his belly fat at the near end of the film... please like this!

by Skeletto 3 weeks ago

I'm sorry but claiming that people almost ignore how well the movie is animated because of the story is bonkers. The animation was the first thing people praised.

by Asger J. 2 days ago

“It’s because of his jump that he truly becomes Spider-Man” that last one was deep as heck, awesome vid as always.

by Oscar Quintero-Sandoval 2 months ago

Something you missed is that when Octavia attacks at aunt mays house aunt may says "great LIV is here" but Octavia told Peter that only friends call her Liv.

by Liraxcz 2 days ago

I'm pretty sure the LOOK OUT is more of meant to be akin to onomatopoeias such as boom and bang in comics, and only a way to visualize his Spider-Sense.

by Descy 3 weeks ago

:- Stan Lee was also doing that hand gesture for web throwing

by Aryan Banerjee 2 weeks ago

Anyone else notice in the movie that Spider-Noir never lost his hat? He always grabbed it back. Might be a reference to Indiana Jones?

by Caleb Mendez 2 months ago

The BAGEL!! easter egg is a refrence to Henry stickmin escaping the prison donut want acivement

(sry for bad grammar im Norwegian|:

by max Sebjørnsen Rath 3 weeks ago

Look at curry in the background man so inspirational.

by Juan Abud 2 weeks ago

"It's not copyrighted if it's from another dimension" -Edward Paperhands

by TheRecommender 1 day ago

Miles Morales: jumps and doesn't become Spider-Man *dies*

by Fshy Instinct 2 weeks ago

PS4'S Spider man suit is in the MOVIE
Into the spider verse suit in the GAME


by shaik Ahmed 2 months ago

I thought Kingpin's family was dead,so who is "The Rose"

by Triple M 3 days ago

Another reason why this film deserved that Academy Award

by Ryan Akwar 2 weeks ago

A shame he doesn’t actually watch it at .25 speed.

by Thomas Price 2 weeks ago

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