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I Watched Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

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Hey lads, how are you doing? Lemme know which of these details you found the most interesting! :)

by The Canadian Lad 3 months ago

Yondu: Dies horribly in the extreme cold of space

Star-Lord: YONDU NO!

Drax: Watches from the Benatar, silently eating chips

by Raymesiris 3 months ago

Marvel: Makes lots of movies with really unnoticeable details

Canadian lad: I can do this all day

Edit: never gotten this much likes ever in my life before....thank you guys❤

by Shady 3 months ago

Imagine Thanos didn't snapped Drax and he stood invisible for almost 5 years

by sangeeth 3 months ago

If yondu didn’t die in this movie, endgame would be 2 seconds long

by YeetboidudeGaming 3 months ago

Fun Fact: When they were casting an actor to play Drax, James Gunn wanted John Cena to play the part, but when they couldn't find him, they cast Dave Bautista instead.

by Mega Man X Powered Up 3 months ago

Drax Started to Train Himself Being Invisible 3 Years Before When He Finally Got Invisible

by adivaidu 252 3 months ago

I noticed a detail!

you referred to Thanos as a "her" 😂😂

by Pumpkin King 3 months ago

"Ego the living planet has a face in the movie just like the comics, it must be a reference"
Hey guys Peter Parker is Spiderman just like in the comics it must be a reference.

by Sosgrosil 3 months ago

What if Dave Bautista fights John Cena,

They're both INVISIBLE !!!

by Tejas Suryavanshi 3 months ago

“Ego’s planet looks like ego from the comics”

That’s because it is. Quills dad is ego, the living planet. Same character

by Dee McGann 2 months ago

"Mantis look out" 3 seconds after she already got hit, ilove this movie

by Clay Young 3 months ago

“Thanos did not teach his children to lie” Who does

by Biggie Cheese 2 months ago

I feel like EVERYONE noticed that.

by Ian Mitchell 3 months ago

"Stealing a battery I didn't need" Damn man, thats good!

by Erik Post 3 months ago

If you look at their hands you can see how the ship control works

When they want to take control of the ship they push the throttle forward twice

It’s easier to see when watching the full scene

by Gordie R 3 months ago

Did anybody else catch when he called thanos a "her"

by Nomad 3 months ago

Underneath “Down There!” In the credits is an unseen ravager played by Rob Zombie.

by Johnathan Harrington 2 months ago

My favorite details are:
I AM GROOT in credits.
"** you" in Groot's room
Battery metaphor.
Invisible Drax

by Internet Critic 3 months ago

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