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I Watched Captain America: Civil War in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

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Happy 4th of July Everybody! Today is Captain America's Birthday and What Better Day is There Than to Upload Civil War in 0.25x Speed today!
Hope you enjoy this video :)
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A lot of you been saying 1346 newton isn't as great of a punch as some of other Cap's punches. I totally agree. But the reason I said it's nuts is because we gotta consider the fact that by that time Cap was already fighting for a good 10-15 minutes. That too against THE Iron Man and carrying a suit and a Vibrarium made shield. Despite all these he managed to throw a punch generating 1346 newton, that's worth mentioning, isn't it? :)

by The Canadian Lad 4 months ago

Hats off for this guy for his dedication to entertain all marvel fans!

by The Centraq 4 months ago

Here's another detail: Since the beginning, Tony has used a plated design for all of his suits, but after his suit is compromised by Ant-Man by exploiting the gaps in the plates, he changes his suit to be Nano Tech in Infinity War, to eliminate the gaps and make his suit more secure.

by That One Internet User 2 months ago

What else can tony see through,
Zooming on Wanda....

I'm dead 😂😂😂

by Junior WebDeveloper 4 months ago

I love how he isn’t like “MISTAKES!!!! THEY SO LAZEEEEE!!!!!” He’s like “wow!!! That’s a great detail!!! Hats off to the creators!!!”

by Serene Feng 3 months ago

Today I learned that Tony Stark's parents were murdered on the date of my birthday

by Julian vdr 2 months ago

After ant man took off his mask he said "Does anyone has orange slices."
In Avengers Endgame after Hawkeye return from the time heist thing...everyone runs at him to check if he's okay and if you see closely Scott run while holding an orange slice to give it to Hawkeye

by A Z 4 months ago

The fact that Romanoff has a closet filled with strong ass weapons but she never used it in any avengers movie or this movie 😆

by Migz Chan 3 months ago

This man really sat there and watched this for nearly 10 hours, that’s mad respect

by Fatty 37 2 months ago

When Bucky was buying the fruit he sensed how much squishy the fruit was that means his metal arm has sense like a normal arm

by HighFive Dipps 4 months ago

In every movie, the more Capt defects away from the Avengers he loses the "A" and his suit gets darker and darker.


I always thought when he tells Friday he's thinking of a red head Tony was referring to Pepper since they were currently split up and he's always thinking of her

by M_J Bo 2 months ago

So you're telling me you spent almost 10 hours straight watching Civil war.

by Kamix Aka Dio 3 months ago

i don't think tony can see through the shield, i think his suits AI is tracking cap and his movements and calculates where cap would be behind the obstruction

by MrBigNicholas 3 months ago

Let's respect this guy! This is how many times he watched the same movie to make this video for us.

by Sean’s Fitness Journal 4 months ago

Lad here needs a special character nod in MCU, seriously he watches all these movies at this speed and not only finishes them but doesn't lose his mind. We see a blur...he sees Quicksilver walking down the street

by RocLobster 3 months ago

I feel like at this time,
Marvel should literally hire him or something.

by SHAKIR SABOOR 2 months ago

Dude you just answered the ultimate question i had in mind after watching this film for about 20times. That thing at !!! Crazyyyy

by Cole Aguilar 4 months ago

#16: It gets even better: Wanda manipulates the Mind Stone and through that his density. Watch the scene where Vision holds Hawkeye: Wanda activates the Stone (you can see it flashing red the way Wandas powers glow) and forces Vision to let Clint phase out of his grip. Only after that she moves her hands closer to the red ball between them, symbolizing to now increase his density - just as The Canadian Lad described.

Oh, in case this wasn't clear already: This connection to the Mind Stone is exactly what they were playing on in Infinity War, showing how far this whole thing was planned ahead.

by Erijian 1 month ago

Whenever i see wanda make vision collapse through the floor i feel betrayed

by EchoNiko 3 months ago

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