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I Bet You Never Noticed This New Detail From Avengers: Endgame

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Hopefully you'll learn something new from this short but very detailed video.
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The Canadian Lad photo 1 I Bet You Never Noticed... The Canadian Lad photo 2 I Bet You Never Noticed... The Canadian Lad photo 3 I Bet You Never Noticed... The Canadian Lad photo 4 I Bet You Never Noticed...

Looks like this guy is going to do phd in MCU...

by Praveen Gtm 6 months ago

So basically a fight between Captain Marvel and Black Panther is just the two of them absorbing and throwing energy back and forth at each other...

by Barnaby Jones 6 months ago

In Avengers Endgame , Tony Flicked Antman Perfectly As He Had Experience Of Playing Paper Football With Nebula In The Opening Scene Of The Endgame .

by Abhishek INDIA 6 months ago

Hence Lad has proved that Strongest People in Avengers are Thor,Wanda,Dr.Strange.

by Aditya Dwivedi 6 months ago

"She is more powerful when fighting more powerful enemies"

So, in short, she's a Sayain

by chewboiye 2 months ago

This also explains why Thanos couldn’t overpower Captain Marvel, until he pulled the power stone out of the gauntlet.

by Richard P 6 months ago

Imagine Thanos didn't snapped Drax and he stood invisible for almost 5 years

by sangeeth 3 months ago

In An Interview, With Chris Hemsworth And Captain Marvel Actress, She Tried to prove that captain Marvel can beat thor, and Chris was like, "neh.."

by GodOfThunder 6 months ago

Instead of flying around with the gauntlet
Why didn't Captain Marvel put on the gauntlet?

by mellow yellow 6 months ago

My theory is....

....it depends on her haircuts😂😂😂

by EE Bruh 3 months ago

Tony Stark would still be alive if Captain Marvel was the one who snapped

by rimand ukkong 6 months ago

I think scarlet witch, Thor, and dr strange are the top three strongest avengers

by ッA can of soda 6 months ago

In my opinion " endgame " happened because of "star lord" as in Infinity war the gauntlet was almost removed from thanos's hand; if he didn't interfered and got angry on thanos because of Gamora's death.

by Keval Sanghvi 6 months ago

More than 1 year later, I have seen so many reviews and breakdowns but no one has ever talked about this. This cleans up so many things about Cpt Marvel and all debates about the strongest Avengers. Also, glad I'm not the only one thinking that the Scarlett Witch is super OP. Great Video.

by Vasileios Kannes 6 months ago

I found a good detail in infinity war..........

When thanos fought iron man the drop of blood from thanos is red but when thor stabbed Thanos the blood on the storm beaker was violet ..........
It was nothing to do with slow motion 😂☺️

by teja mashetty 1 month ago

She's basically a female version of Sebastian Shaw that can fly.

by Kaio_K!d 6 months ago

This makes me think that Captain Marvel probably could wield all six stones if she can absorb the energy of the stones, and have nothing happen to her.

by Tycipreyll 6 months ago

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