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Negotiation Skills: Former FBI Negotiator Chris Voss At The Australia Real Estate Conference

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Former FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss of The Black Swan Group and author of “Never Split The Difference” Keynote at AREC 2017 Australian Real Estate Conference Brisbane Australia May 29, 2017. Learn more about Chris Voss and The Black Swan Group: https://www.blackswanltd.com/

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The Black Swan Group photo 1 Negotiation Skills: Former FBI Negotiator... The Black Swan Group photo 2 Negotiation Skills: Former FBI Negotiator... The Black Swan Group photo 3 Negotiation Skills: Former FBI Negotiator... The Black Swan Group photo 4 Negotiation Skills: Former FBI Negotiator...

I don’t know why YouTube sent me down the black swan rabbit hole, but I’m not mad

by Michael's Cars 8 months ago

I wanted to say thank you for "Never Split the Difference" it is a book that after reading it, I keep on my night table to refresh the lessons. Mirroring, listening, that's right have changed my work life tremendously. At my day job I got a promotion and raise. Thank you.

by Ermelinda Cortes 5 months ago

The guy got them to give him a standing ovation. Brilliant!

by Mike Greca 8 months ago

Chris: Negotion skills are important, isnt it?
Me: Thats right.
Chris: Thats why you need to read my book.
Me: buys book

Also me: surprised pikachu face

by Ammar Raz. 6 months ago

Chris Voss is my new discovery.. He IS EXTRAORDINARY !! LOVE his work  and im gratefull to him for helping me to fine tune my business negotiation skills.. And he is such a humanitarian!!

by Turquoise Coleman 2 years ago

"Yes" is for you; "that's right" is for the people you serve.

by Gina Palladino 7 months ago

Very important tips especially during this corona. The unknown, about the job, the future, the possibilities. thank you very much.

by יניר שלו 7 months ago

1) Call your client back every now and then, people are afraid on uncertainty @
2) Don't get people to say yes, make them say "That's right", people want to be understood @

by Chris Lwin 7 months ago

"The last impression is the lasting impression". Well said!

by Tunde O 7 months ago

I'm an addiction counselor, some of this I use already, but I learned a great deal of useful info here. Excellent video! Thank you

by Christopher Harrington 6 months ago

i bought his book last year.... great stuff.

by Enrique Zapata 3 years ago

Charismatic guy, impressive speaker.

by el-seq [303] 8 months ago

Mr. Chris Voss, I just Discovered you and Negotiation has been my weakest attribute and feel so excited to learn from you more. I'm a full time student of what you have to offer. Cheers from North Carolina

by ZE_GERMAN 2 years ago

thank heaven for Youtube to have quality videos. This guy is great learning for my business.

by Loki Z 2 years ago

I haven't bought his book yet! But, can't stop watching the part when he hypnotizes everyone to buy it! Incredible.

by Todd Watts 10 months ago

Matt le Blanc would be so proud he got a mention.

by Tuta Miah 10 months ago

this guy know how to deliver. best voice control I've ever heard, easily.

by 61percentodicarica 7 months ago

You know where you hear a word so much that it looses it's meaning lol well, "hostage"

by Avivamae 7 months ago

What a great talk! To be honest was just flicking through. When I came across this I said I would give him 1 minute to impress! He didn’t disappoint

by Augustine Ahio 11 months ago

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