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EXCITING! Reacting to Final Fantasy 16 - Reveal Trailer from PS5 Showcase!

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What are your thoughts on the Final Fantasy 16 Reveal trailer? Let us know...BELOW!
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The Balding Plebs photo 1 EXCITING! Reacting to Final Fantasy... The Balding Plebs photo 2 EXCITING! Reacting to Final Fantasy... The Balding Plebs photo 3 EXCITING! Reacting to Final Fantasy... The Balding Plebs photo 4 EXCITING! Reacting to Final Fantasy...

The two gguys you saw at the end were the same guy, just younger and older.

by Wagama 2 hours ago

I love the uploads, and your reactions.

by Ben Dover 1 month ago

the guy fighting in the silver armor was a dragoon.

by Def Digit Gaming 1 month ago

I am excited for it but I agree with needing a demo to get the feel of the gameplay and combat. Still an early build and devs said they will have more information in 2021.

by J19 Shugz89 1 month ago

Im excited for it not sure now worried about xbox hoarding bethesda games i havent been able to get a order in for either console yet and i want to. Ill get ps5 for sure. Crazy times we live in haha

by ZeldaMasterJohn 3 weeks ago

It does seem far off tho wanna see more for sure

by ZeldaMasterJohn 3 weeks ago

Square Enix hired Ryota Suzuki for FFXVI, the designer for Devil May Cry 5, game design lead for Dragonโ€™s Dogma: Dark Arisen and gameplay lead for Dragonโ€™s Dogma. That explains the DMC gameplay.

by Aoi2012 4 weeks ago

Yes demo is a must. FF15 was kinda ๐Ÿ˜‘ combat was boring

by Sky Net 1 month ago

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