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iPad Air vs iPad Pro: Don't Make a Mistake

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Apple Watch Series 6: https://youtu.be/Tb1qgMhf0Qg
New iPad vs iPad Pro 2020!
This year, Apple turned up the iPad Air to 11! For a starting price of $599, you're getting an all-new design that mimics the more expensive iPad Pro. You also get second-gen Apple Pencil support, USB-C, Magic Keyboard support, and a beefy A14 Bionic processor. Let's stack up the new iPad Air against Apple's iPad Pro to see which is the better buy!
Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold, Green, Sky Blue.
64GB - 256GB
USB-C Connector
TouchID (Power Button)
10.9" display
A14 Bionic processor
12MP rear camera
7MP FaceTime HD camera
From $599
-iPAD PRO SPECS- Space Gray or Silver.
11" display or 12.9" display ProMotion technology.
USB-C connector
A12Z Processor
12MP Rear Camera.
7MP TrueDepth Camera LiDAR Scanner
From $799
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The Apple Circle photo 1 iPad Air vs iPad Pro:... The Apple Circle photo 2 iPad Air vs iPad Pro:... The Apple Circle photo 3 iPad Air vs iPad Pro:... The Apple Circle photo 4 iPad Air vs iPad Pro:...

I contacted Apple and they said, โ€œTechnically, the A12Z is still a greater processor compared to the A14 processor of the iPad Air 4. The A12Z is 8-Core processor, while the A14 is a 6-Core processor.
If youโ€™re going to use the iPad for extensive Photo/Video editing or Animation. The performance of the A12Z (iPad Pro) would stand out. But if youโ€™re just going to use both device for basic daily usage such as web browsing, Word Processing tools, watching movie, streaming, or even average gaming (iPad Air 4th Gen.), thereโ€™s no noticeable difference.โ€

Hope this helps!

by JZSPEED236 3 weeks ago

I donโ€™t get the fascination with the colour of these. Theyโ€™re all gonna be covered in a case anyways lol

by Josh Thompson 3 weeks ago

Me: Are people really thinking of buying new ipads during this pandemic and financial recession???
Also me: Take my money.

by Jemimah B 2 weeks ago

Idk why but seeing the pro camera is more normal now.

by ihuboo 2 weeks ago

When u buy a pro and the next day u see the iPad Air 2020 ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž

by RickyShotYaa 3 weeks ago

I got the iPad Pro 2020 11โ€ 2-3 months ago, I donโ€™t regret it.

by Aksiyon Bizde 3 weeks ago

Don't you think that iPhone needs Fingerprint sensor? Especially during this mask season.?

by Engorgio Armani 3 weeks ago

No way apple would outdo ipad pro with the ipad air this means even faster ipad pros coming next year

by Leslie Lewis 3 weeks ago

64 gb in 2020 at $599 for the base air is pretty terrible lets be real.

by Zep Prime 3 weeks ago

The new iPad Air is great, except for the 64Gb base storage being a big time Fail, and of course, that was ๐Ÿ’ฏ% intentional.

by Kevin Davis 3 weeks ago

That sky blue iPad Air ๐Ÿคฉโค๏ธ

by Abbas Rizvi 3 weeks ago

Funny how the air was originally advertised as being the thinnest iPad ever. Now, itโ€™s the thickest.

by Michael Zheng 2 weeks ago

The blue and green iPads look stunning docked on the magic keyboard

by Joel TM 3 weeks ago

So with the 11โ€ Pro (ยฃ769 base) vs iPad Air (ยฃ579), what does an extra ยฃ190 get you.

-Slightly larger screen
-Face ID
-Quad Speakers (not Dual)
-120Hz Promotion Display
-Double the storage
-Better cameras
-Better microphones
-Thinner device
-Brighter screen
-Probably similar chip performance A14/A12Z (the A12Z will likely be better for multi-tasking)

by James Godfrey 3 weeks ago

Imagine having the air and the pro mixed together, like the pro with the really nice colours

by The ant Kid 3 weeks ago

You: "Which ipad shoud I buy in 2020?"
Me: "Can I afford it in 2020? "

by John RaraAvis YTC 2 weeks ago

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