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The Life Of Kurama: The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox (Naruto)

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The Life Of Kurama: The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox (Naruto)
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Kurama, more commonly known as the Nine-Tails, is one of the nine tailed beasts. Centuries of being regarded as a mindless monster and sought after as a tool for war caused Kurama to hate humans. After being sealed into Naruto Uzumaki, Kurama attempts to maintain its cynical perspective about the world, but with Naruto's insistence on treating it with respect, the fox overturns its hatred and willingly strives to use its power for the world's salvation.
00:00 Intro
00:48 Early Life
05:13 Prologue — Land of Waves
05:31 Chūnin Exams
07:02 Konoha Crush
07:10 Search for Tsunade
08:05 Sasuke Recovery Mission
08:45 Interlude
09:27 Kazekage Rescue Mission
09:44 Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission
11:00 Akatsuki Suppression Mission
11:17 Pain's Assault
12:18 Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown
14:23 Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation
15:21 Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax
22:30 Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki
27:26 Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes
30:14 The Last: Naruto the Movie
30:45 Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise
30:56 New Era
31:20 Sarada Uchiha Arc
32:00 Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day
32:38 Versus Momoshiki Arc
33:32 One-Tail Escort Arc
34:31 Time Slip Arc
35:16 Kawaki Arc
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Which characters should we cover next?

by The Amagi 23 hours ago

Anyone else think he should do one about Jiraiya

by Imad B 23 hours ago

Baby Kurama is so freaking cute.

by Mari Uchiha 22 hours ago

Imagine Naruto actually befriending the creature that killed his parents.

by Terminator 156 7 hours ago

Just saying u forgot a part eadit: nvm sorry didn’t finish the video

by Sythee XD 20 hours ago

person in naruto: "NO ONE CANT PASS MY JUTSU"
naruto the main character: "you sure ab that?"

by not_human 21 hours ago

Actually that's not guaranteed just for warning Because the actual creator of Naruto is controlling the boruto franchise now so I wouldn't guarantee anything plus they would lose a lot of money because nobody would watch the boruto series.

by Daniel McGivern 20 hours ago

Lol The Highest Tailed Beast Got Defeated By A Mom

by JG Gaming 20 hours ago

Im addicted I just watched a 40 minute video about kurama 🤦🏽‍♂️

by Mikey Diamond 22 hours ago

two tails is not known well and is a cool tailed beast

by brian najarro 23 hours ago

You should do the life of kakashi or killerbee or even zeke yegar from attack on titan

by Kev Clips 23 hours ago

Why they call him a demon but he just want to be free 🥺😭😭

by danielle holley 19 hours ago

WOW! This took over 150 hours! This is true work of a god, A ANIME GOD

by NateyBoy! 11 hours ago

U forgot the part when he went against kimimaru (I think that’s his name) when they went looking for Sasuke

by The Next Hokage 22 hours ago

I’m still thinking about this channel 4 years ago

by Poke-art 22 hours ago

Ew they ate Kurama’s stomach flesh? I’m actually gonna puke

by IcAy 20 hours ago

I love "the life of" sieres

by Asc Blitz 23 hours ago

I swear if Naruto dies from the new form Kurama warns him it will kill him, I’m done... PERIOD!

by A.J Thomas 17 hours ago

All the tails history ? Please

by CEOdonny 23 hours ago

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