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070 Shake - Accusations

Animations by FiELDTRiP
Special Thanks to Shot by Llama

The 070 Project photo 1 070 Shake - Accusations The 070 Project photo 2 070 Shake - Accusations The 070 Project photo 3 070 Shake - Accusations The 070 Project photo 4 070 Shake - Accusations

Why has this song not blown up yet? WHY?

by ZuRi 2 years ago

I've listened to this an unhealthy amount of times

by Aaron Black 1 year ago

Shake is cute af even if she tries to hide it

by RileyEskobar 2 years ago

Have not heard a song like this in sometime.....her voice has pain ....and that build up woooow...

by L. TEN BEAR 2 years ago

much dank brought me here

by Jah Bless 2 years ago

I LOVE HER. Simple as that. I've struggled for so many years with addiction. I still struggle with not wanting that instant gratification, trying to โ€œrewireโ€ myself. But it's so much more than that I want it to become natural (imbeaded) to be honest, kind, unjudging, as natural as waking up and going to sleep. A part of me. Her songs have been and are so much strength. The mindset and thoughts she shares are such a blessing. Thank you so much isn't saying enough.

Love from Minnesota.

by Jacqueline Hague 2 years ago

ppl around the world: "god is not real"
070 shake: "thank you for your accusations"

by Daniela ลขฤƒpoi 5 months ago

Even after her feature on Ye she still underrated af

by Sam guy 2 years ago

you donโ€™t understand how thankful i am that you dropped this song. i remember i was going through heartbreak and went back to your old youtube videos trying to inspire or cheer myself up & i jus kept rewatching the clips in the with Love video and i screen recorded this song and tweeted it to you and you replied asking if you should drop it. and it was crazy enough to me bc i love your music but listening to the whole thing through after you dropped it, it was almost exactly what i was going through and i needed it more than i knew i appreciate u dani

by emmy 2 years ago

o70 Shake: "Alright, start it off from the beginning."

Me: "Oh Kay."

by Royal Alchemist 6 months ago

Literally comming back everyday to listen to this masterpiece

by N F 9 months ago

this may be one of the most important voices in new music... LISTEN
and Shake, if you read this.... Thank you from Canada.

by Martin Gouda 2 years ago

Jesus she's like a female post Malone..
๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†Hell yes.

by Tochukwu Udu 2 years ago

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