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The Evolution Of Iron Man / Tony Stark (Animated)

#Iron man 2008 #iron man 2 #Iron Legion #All Iron Man Armors #Film & Animation
Tony Stark wears many iron suits, but just how have the suits and their abilities evolved since the first MCU Iron Man film? From the bulky Mark 1 to the sleek Mark 85, let's go through the Evolution of Iron Man's suits, their abilities and his story...animated!.
#ironman #endgame #avengers
Resources for this animation, https://ironman.fandom.com/f
http://leecheekheng.blogspot.com/2014/07/hot-toys-iron-man-3-armor-details.html (Great resourse to see what parts of his armour were re-used amongst the Iron Legion)
...and watching and then re-watching the MCU movies, and then rewatching particular scenes again and again...and again after that!
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Script, Design and Animation, Aaron Lecours
Narration, Stanton Nichols.
Jarvis voice, allenjonesym
Friday Voice, xoxemma89xox
Music Used.
Opening Stinger, Enuff Para Mi - Jingle Punks
Video: Happy Whistle by SoundParty.
End Slate, Disco Cat - Komiku.
Sounds Used With Credit (From Freesounds), missile-launch-2 by smcameron
shoot-off-ringy5 by cgeffex
staple-gun-02 by movingplaid
jetengine-loop2 by smidoid
jet-whoosh by benboncan
pushing-some-gravel-off-a-small-hill by jorickhoofd
beam03 by taira-komori
charge-up-shot by spoonsandlessspoons
jackhammer-excavator-a by inspectorj
electric-shock by kev-durr
jet-bypass-02 by matrixx
up5 by bumpelsnake
crystals-droped by quezthepoet
d64-samplepack-fx-powerup-22 by department64
deepest-boom-yet by hykenfreak
man-oof by xtragamr
electric-zap by benjaminharveydesign
laser-shot-silenced by bubaproducer
------------More Animations------------
Captain America
Darth Vader
Emperor Palpatine, https://youtu.be/v55Cq4Ustqw
Michael Myers
Freddy Krueger
Jason Voorhees
Hey! Thanks for reading to the end of the description! This one took a lot out of me, but I hope it was worth the wait. Gonna probably jump into an unexpected video next, and depending what movies come out the rest of 2020, I got plenty more to come...just not sure which ideas will come first!

#Iron Man MCU #Avengers Endgame Iron Man #Iron Man Endgame #Thanos #infinity war #Avengers #Every Iron Man suit in the MCU #Iron Man #Hulkbuster #Iron Man Mark 85 #Iron Man Suit Ups #Mk1 to Mk 85 Iron Man #Iron Man Evolution #evolution of iron man suits #MCU #Robert Downey Jr #Iron Man Suits #mark 1 to mark 85 iron man #Marvel #Tony Stark #Iron Man Animation #Tell It Animated #evolution of iron man #Iron Man Death

Tell It Animated photo 1 The Evolution Of Iron Man... Tell It Animated photo 2 The Evolution Of Iron Man... Tell It Animated photo 3 The Evolution Of Iron Man... Tell It Animated photo 4 The Evolution Of Iron Man...

►I hope this one was worth the wait! Took over 500 hours to complete, but I can finally rest now...more animations here: :)
►►The next animation is gonna be a little weird, but I'll have it out quicker than this one
►►►And remember, I love you 3000.

by Tell It Animated 3 months ago

Over 8 minutes of perfection! Killed it!

by THE MERKINS 3 months ago

iron man: A lot of scientific armor
captain america: S H I E L D

by alexsidkid 1 month ago

Tony: depressed af

by Burrito Man 4 weeks ago

The reason my favourite avenger is Iron Man bc he actually progress like a lvl 1 character to a max level character it's like everytime he finish his mission he gained xp to upgrade his equipment like a video game.

by Sergeant MacNuggets 1 month ago

“It is also capable of briefly flying to a worm hole to nuke an alien mothership!” Oddly specific

by Sladewarrior55 3 weeks ago

I love how Marvel just glosses over the fact that it goes from Mark 50 to Mark 85 and doesn't mention anything about them.

by KiroStarr 3 months ago

The whole suit in endgame work like one big gauntlet, when Tony snap, his whole body burn, not just his arm

by Lý Anh Khoa 1 month ago

Jarvis: Sir, if you could be a food, what would you be?
Tony Stark: Tony Steak!!

by Substance Aiden 3 weeks ago

If this actually touched the comic itself it'd be an hour long, wouldn't it?

by Chaosvolt 1 month ago

This should be on YouTube kids because he is basically just counting but say mark over and over lol 😂

by TheKingHotDip 1 week ago

I think you made a mistake... The final form of Tony Stark is David Dobrik. xD

by E.I.E ANIMATIONS 3 months ago

Who was so pissed when he just destroyed all of the his legion suits, I know he did it for pepper but there has to have been another way
But hey who cares

Me :(

by Banjo 1 month ago

I love how you added the DJ Bruce Lee on his shirt in avengers endgame

by Supersam 9600 1 day ago

I’m gonna correct you at the iron man - captain America fight because Tony definitely would’ve won if it was 1 on 1 but cap was fighting together with the winter soldier making it an unfair 1v2 situation

by Brown 1 month ago

Just a fun fact he is shown in his civil war armor even though he died in the bleeding edge armor

by Ethan Alonzo 5 days ago

Can you do the evolution of these Characters:
-Optimus Prime

by Kenneth Jeremy 3 months ago

wow 500 hours of work for animating dang I bet Aaron is more tired than me trying to finish my homework at 3 A.M

by Xd Xd 1 week ago

500 hours for 8 minutes of awesome Ironman suits truly amazing work

by BellowD Gaming 1 week ago

This reminds me of how much i missed Tony Stark ♡

by Pre V¡ne 2 days ago

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