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What's the Profit in Nonprofits? | Areva Martin | TEDxCrenshaw

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A award-winning civil rights attorney gives her personal account of receiving help from nonprofits as a child to developing one for children with special needs based on her personal experience with her son. Why do we call them non profits when we all profit? An award-winning civil rights attorney, a recurring cohost on The Emmy award winning daytime syndicated talk show "The Doctors" and a CNN legal commentator. She is also the founder and president of the Special Needs Network. Her latest book, Make It Rain, hits bookshelves in March 2018 This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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TEDx Talks photo 1 What's the Profit in Nonprofits?... TEDx Talks photo 2 What's the Profit in Nonprofits?... TEDx Talks photo 3 What's the Profit in Nonprofits?... TEDx Talks photo 4 What's the Profit in Nonprofits?...

I can’t believe I found this video . I was just trying to find information on non profit and for profit . As I was told to do both. My son is also autistic and I’m working on a project to to build a school( pre-school) to create an inclusion program , with regular kids. I just can’t believe it also touched autism which is what my project is about .

by Diásora 79 1 year ago

Why do we call it non-profit when we all profit amazing I love it

by Jorge Perez 1 year ago

I gave housing to three people 2010 I want to shelter people again nonprofit status needed donate today

by Tony Parks 11 months ago

I realized my purpose in life was no for profit And that’s why I’m here I wasn’t expecting this. I too was born and raised in Stl Missouri. Me watching this video was another part of god plans .

by funflower30 1 year ago

Good job Areva! I am so proud of you for helping 50,000 people and it just took the memory of your precious grandmother and the memory of the cheese and what the yummy cheese did for you!

by John McGovern 11 months ago

GREAT quote!
Aslo I totally identify with standing in line for cheese since right at this moment. I was cutting up some of my favorite cheese. Cheese, it's worth standing in line for XD

by ᛜᚲᚠ 1 year ago

Thank you for your testimony and for giving back to your community. God bless!!

by Dixie Peach 11 months ago

I am so grateful for this post! We are truly the answers we are looking for! Love and Blessings, Families!!

by PoeticPuff 1 year ago

This message is impactful.

by The Stamps 6 months ago

I love this....what great motivation this has brought me...thank you

by Jose Aparicio 1 year ago

I love that...remember the cheese - she's beautiful

by Pablo Santos 11 months ago

Wow... she paints non-profits as being this amazing thing and does not point out the non-profit industrial complex and how she is making profit from her work. Makes it seem like “I’m making profit with my feelings, but don’t acknowledge that she does make profit from this” wild

by Poverty is a Policy failure 7 months ago

I honestly feel like I should be doing this instead of Getting paid to oppress the already poor people in private practice funny thing is I thought law school would help me make change I was so naive😑

by f dlamini 7 months ago

really coming down hard on us here in STL. Like I know we have some rough parts of town and our fair share of problems but damn. Other than that good lecture that helped a lot with a grant writing class I am in.

by Shawn Carlen 1 year ago

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