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TOSLINK: That one consumer fiber optic standard

#dolby digital #LED #technology connections #TOSLINK #Science & Technology
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Well. Isn’t that strange. Digital data through fiber optics, and in the home no less! Let’s explore this a little, shall we?
These may not be TOSLINKs but they sure are links!
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#toslink #communications #fiber optic #SPDIF #fiber optics #toshiba-link #DTS #laser #optical cable #optical audio #S/PDIF #optical

Technology Connections photo 1 TOSLINK: That one consumer fiber... Technology Connections photo 2 TOSLINK: That one consumer fiber... Technology Connections photo 3 TOSLINK: That one consumer fiber... Technology Connections photo 4 TOSLINK: That one consumer fiber...

"when your introduce an extreme kink, you can damage the cable."

Story of my sex life.

by B 1 year ago

"Our world runs on fibre optic connections" - Never been to the UK... We have a donkey called Derick that runs the packets to the servers for us

by Guybrush 4 months ago

“Yelling at computers to turn the lights off...” you, sir, have been cracking me up more and more!

by Kyle McGowan 1 month ago

But HDMI doesn't go blinky-blinky. :(

by Reno 1 year ago

I laughed out loud at gold plated connectors on an optical cable. 🤣

by OM617YOTA 1 month ago

I really enjoyed Windows phone, so hearing snarky jokes about it hits me right in the feelz

by TimeTorn 9 months ago

And yet, TOSlink saved the day when my LG TV and Yamaha receiver fell out with each other over HDMI ARC.

by Nishit Dave 7 months ago

"we MAKE the future!" shows hd dvd player i actually cracked up there xD

by KingHoliday 1 year ago

the fact that there are TOSLINK cables with gold plated connectors just makes me want to die

by Andrei-Alexandru Bleorțu 1 year ago


by ManMadeDesaster 1 year ago

"HDMI: Handy-Dandy Movie Input" lmfao

by tusing 9 months ago

gave me a heart attack

by Sky Guy 1 year ago

Optically smooth jazz 😂 (subtitle)

by azif J 1 year ago

"As dark as the future of Windows Phone"
Harsh, but fair.

by Kevin Wells 1 year ago

"Handy Dandy Movie Input" really killed me.

by J Games 8 months ago

There’s an advantage to using fibre optic that went unsung here; the ability to entirely sidestep ground loop problems regardless of where things are plugged! This saved me a great deal of headaches when it was possible

by veryDave 1 month ago

This is just twenty minutes of a man losing his sanity thanks to audiophiles.

by gibbdude 1 year ago

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