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Thermostats: Cooler than you think!

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Boy do I have a COOL topic for you today. We’re gonna turn up the HEAT with this one!
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#thermostat #heat #nest #honeywell #A/C #HVAC #temperature

Technology Connections photo 1 Thermostats: Cooler than you think! Technology Connections photo 2 Thermostats: Cooler than you think! Technology Connections photo 3 Thermostats: Cooler than you think! Technology Connections photo 4 Thermostats: Cooler than you think!

Some additional information!
Firstly, two-stage heating is sorta common so the notion that "there is no medium blast" is probably true but if you have a fancy pants HVAC system, then maybe cranking the heat up might make it go faster. No idea what percentage of homes have a two stage heating system, but I'd guess it's in the 10-20% range.
In re: the thermostat wire question. Apparently, to this day, the current going through the contactors that actually turn on the high current loads such as your A/C or an electric furnace's heating elements is carried through the thermostat. So, it's more than just color coding; they are designed to carry some current, and thus need to be a minimum wire gauge. So while Cat5 cable or similar would probably work for most HVAC systems, it might not be able to carry enough current for others (and could, potentially, pose a fire risk under the right circumstances).
On that note, and I'm mad at myself for not bringing this up, you might have noticed that in the mechanical thermostat, a separate insulated wire connects the R terminal to the contact on the bimetallic strip. This prevents the current from being carried through the bimetallic strip, which could inadvertently heat it up and prematurely stop the furnace. Neat!

by Technology Connections 1 year ago

"For this, we'll need a toaster."

Alec you have a problem. Please admit it.

by blalo'u 1 year ago

I always told my wife that setting the heat to 80 is like setting a burrito in the microwave to 10 minutes because you're hungry and want it to cook faster.

by Robert Dascoli 6 months ago

Ohhhh, that’s what the blue wire does!!! (Engagement boosted)

by Josh Patterson 7 months ago

Temperature: gets 1°C below the desired one
Thermostat: H E A T N O W

by Josip Ćurić 1 year ago

using low playback speed or frame-by-frame is for casuals, i simply paused and unpaused the video repeatedly at full speed

by SteppupFoRetsam 5 months ago

You distracted me the whole time with the “THIS IS NOT A DRILL” shirt

by Tactikill44 2 months ago

"Bro can you turn it down its a little hot in here"
"Oh yeah sorry gimme a minute forgot to charge my thermostat"

by Squiggle 5 months ago

"When I discover a connection between two seemingly technologies...." yeah, it's technology connections.

by rm5 1 year ago

The thermostat in my apartment was acting up a couple of weeks ago. I took off the cover and saw the coiled spring, and that reminded me of this video. Knowing the basic functionality, I saw that the spring was covered in gunk so it couldn't unwind properly. So I used a can of compressed air to gently clean it off and it worked fine after that. If I hadn't known how the coil worked I would have had to call the maintenance person to come take a look, but thanks to you I was able to fix it myself!

by Fakjbf 9 months ago

Cooler than I thought indeed, what a hot topic.
Feeling grounded now, despite not being a common subject!

by LGR 1 year ago

Remember when thermostats used to have mercury vials in them?
I member.

by Matt H 2 months ago

The last comment on a mode where the thermostat goes to a new set temperature after you've mowed the lawn: That would be the "Hold" mode on most Honeywells programmables. Just hit the temperature buttons up or down and it will hold the new temperature for 2 hours, then resume its program. You can also set the Hold mode for longer periods, perfect if you're going away on vacation for two weeks, let's say.
Thermostat wire is special. I live in Canada, but things are similar in much of the United States. If the thermostat fails, your furnace never gets the call for heat and your pipes freeze causing a huge amount of flood damage. The wire is low-voltage rated and has a FT rating printed on the jacket - that's Flame Travel, to tell you whether or not a furnace fire can spread to the rest of your home via burning thermostat wires. Also, being different enough from ordinary NMD house wiring, it's hopeful no one would try to connect a household thermostat directly to the 120V line - but it does happen where baseboard heaters are common.
Don't trust the wire colors as standards - they should be but they're not. Always label the wires as you take them off the old one and put them on the new one. If you lost track, go down to the furnace and look at the control board. The R terminal on the furnace must be connected to the R terminal on the thermostat, and so forth.

When you run into W1, W2, W3 or Y1, Y2, Y3, you're dealing with a multistage setup. They're becoming common on high-efficiency residential furnaces here in the snowbelt. W1 turns on the furnace, one burner. W1 and W2 turns on the furnace with two burners.... you get the idea. Multistage heat is a lot more common than multistage AC because gas valves and igniters are cheaper than compressors and condensers, but you might see multistage AC moving into places where there have been energy efficiency incentives.

Take your old mercury-bulb or other pure mechanical thermostat and mount it in the utility room where your water service enters your house. Set it to heat and set it at an indoor temperature you'd find unpleasantly cold - lowest setting. Connect its R and W terminals in parallel with your new programmable or smart thermostat, you might even be able to run the wires directly to the furnace. Your old thermostat will be there silently ready to command the furnace to turn on if your new thermostat gets dead batteries or suffers a software crash (or a hack!) while you're away on a ski vacation. It will keep your pipes from freezing.

by Lawrence Wade 6 months ago

Some LG thermostats have powerful cooling function which does exactly this: runs AC at full power for 30 minutes and then switches to regular schedule.

by Beardman Hairy 1 year ago

that moment you realize even with the video at 25% speed, the scroll is still so fast you have to pause regularly to read it

by cha0sr1pper 8 months ago

My wife just walked into the room after being gone for a few minutes and said, “Goodness, is he still talking about thermostats?” 🤣

by Griff Miller II 1 year ago

“What really happens?”

my bank account cries

by drunken mother 9 months ago

God damn, I forced all my children watched the whole video, so they can stop turning the thermostats either to the lowest point or highest point everytime they got home from school.

by Chen Chen 2 weeks ago

use playback speed on mobile or use <> keys for frame by frame viewing

by Jake Mustian 1 month ago

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