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The Antique Toaster that's Better than Yours

#antique #self-lowering #pop-tart #radiant control #Science & Technology
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That title isn’t hyperbole or clickbait nonsense. This really is better than your toaster. At least, I think so. Seriously, can we make this the norm, please? If we figured it out in 1948, you’d think we woulda kept going with it. I mean, really.
Looking for the previous video?
How about the second channel video where we improve and fix these?
Want to read those patents that were on the screen? You’re in luck! They’re right here!
Here’s the patent for the toaster itself, https://patents.google.com/patent/US2667828
And here’s the patent for the thermostat, https://patents.google.com/patent/US2459170A
Also, here’s a link to that fan-site I mentioned;
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#vintage #toaster #automatic #auto-drop #sunbeam #technology connections #pastry #bread toaster

Technology Connections photo 1 The Antique Toaster that's Better... Technology Connections photo 2 The Antique Toaster that's Better... Technology Connections photo 3 The Antique Toaster that's Better... Technology Connections photo 4 The Antique Toaster that's Better...

My Sunbeam looks even older than this one, really enjoyed finding out how it works.

by Scott Manley 1 year ago

Heh, my grandpa still uses one of those daily. He learned how to fix it and it's been going strong since 1961.

by mxc2007 7 months ago

Came here via Tom Scott's Disconnected. Wasn't disappointed. Subbed.

by Leighton Gill 6 months ago

"This toaster is an amazing display of engineering and is better than anything we have today! It only has one flaw..." proceeds to explain how it's a horrifying potential electrical hazard

by DarkScorpion46 3 months ago

"After 60 years, this thing still works. There's barely anything that can cause this toaster to break down." And now you know why modern companies don't make them like this. They want you to buy a new toaster every 10 years. It's called planned obsolescence.

by maxis2k 9 months ago

1960: We'll have flying cars in the future

2019: Look at this toaster from 1960 that does much more than yours!

by Mario's Shadow 1 year ago

“Oh god, he’s got a THIRD one?!?!”

THAT gained a sub from me.

by TheMadTube 7 months ago

This channel is just amazing. I clicked on this video thinking "wow, he's overreacting. It's a toaster they don't do much" then pulled out the perry the platypus equivalent of a toaster and now can guarantee I'll be raving to all my friends how cool old toasters were

by Jason Snow 6 months ago

Our latest toaster didn't just startle you when the bread was ready, it often threw the newly toasted bread out with such force that it ended up on the floor. That wasn't a great design.

by Kimberly Kjellberg 7 months ago

"Through the magic of buying two of them I have an already disassembled toaster right here." - take my like sir.

by Afro Dieter 5 months ago

I need this toaster now. The uneven sides of toast is amazing. That means you can give extra firmness and dampness resistance directly under your toast topping, while not having as much "burn" taste on the un-spread side of the toast.

by saurian watcher 7 months ago

Fun fact, this exact toaster makes an appearance in the movie Mortal Engines. It is even called out by name and praised for how awesome it was.

by Keiji Madarame 5 months ago

You made me giggle so hard when I heard "Oh God he has a third one." I love this channel.

by Herr Nookenstien 3 months ago

Tom Scott brought me here. Congrats on not getting Disconnected!

by Gungan Works 6 months ago

As a mechanical engineer that HATES modern toasters... thank you for this. I've been looking for a good toaster for years.

by jumpanama 1 year ago

I measure a toaster not by it's ability to warm bread, but by the bravery in it's heart.

by Mic Draypr 4 weeks ago

YouTube: “It’s 1 am, watch this 18 minute video about toasters”

by Fry1077 3 months ago

"Oh god he has a third one" 🤣

by Generik 4 weeks ago

"Oh god he has a third one"
That made me laugh so hard, thank you!

by SuperWolf YT 3 months ago

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