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Old-fashioned rice cookers are extremely clever

#Science & Technology
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Bet you didn't think a rice cooker was so interesting, did ya?
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Wanna see that rice cooker patent?
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Technology Connections photo 1 Old-fashioned rice cookers are extremely... Technology Connections photo 2 Old-fashioned rice cookers are extremely... Technology Connections photo 3 Old-fashioned rice cookers are extremely... Technology Connections photo 4 Old-fashioned rice cookers are extremely...

"i dont eat rice as a staple"
owns at least 2 rice cookers.

by dave101t 1 year ago

I have always wondered how these things work! Thanks for clarifying it! I also find cooking rice well to be less than obvious.

by Flavor Lab 11 months ago

"Rice al dente isn't a thing."

angry risotto noises

by Prateek Poddar 1 month ago

My wife saw me click on this video and said, "Is that the toaster guy?"

by BleuVII 5 months ago

plugs the rice cooker in and proceeds to screw it apart.

by Ikraznek 2 months ago

"So now its a permanent not magnet"
Oh come on, you totally missed the opportunity to call it a Magnot

by Slegnor's Random Gaming 1 year ago

As an Asian who eats rice everyday, this has been the question of my childhood.

by HeathenHacks 1 month ago

“Doesn’t beep incessantly for 15 seconds when it’s done” (glares at microwave)

by The Emperor of Mankind 6 months ago

I really enjoyed the jab at Fahrenheit, spoken with a true passive-aggression only an American stuck in a non-metric country can have

by KR Smith 1 month ago

The trick with the gasket type rice cooker is to simply not look at it. That way you can avoid the difficult cleaning.

by Gadget Addict 10 hours ago

MKBHD: I’ve been using this for a week now..
Technology Connections: Humanity’s been using this for decades now..

by MOBe 5 months ago

"I'm sure you all will tell me why my priorities and preferences are wrong."

Meanwhile in my brain: "Why the hell are his outlets sideways?"

by Ricky Young 6 months ago

“I prefer it to my fancier one.”

The Asian delegation welcomes you as honorary Asian.

by balasuar 1 week ago

Best advertisement of Aroma Rice Cooker. Ever!

Jokes aside, I'll never look at my simple rice cooker the same way again.

by VikramJeet Das 10 months ago

Damn, I saw one of his old videos yesterday, and over the past three years, I'd say he's lost about 50 pounds, maybe more.

by Dylan Finch 1 month ago

He: "Rice cooker..."

Japan: Ah crap, here we go again.

by GhostMiner 2 days ago

dammit, i watched a ten minute video about rice cookers! you got me again, fascinating stuff!

by jonny burke 9 months ago

My dad took my grandmother rice cooker from when he was a kid in the late 60s and we still use it as there really no difference between it and a newer one. Even the parts are the same, got a second bowl, new plug and lid a while back

by Keoni 6 months ago

"magnets how do they work!?" has to be miracles! or am I just insane? You could call me a clown for asking this

by theRealRindberg 6 months ago

"Also some forums where people were arguing about this..."


by Joe Gardina 4 months ago

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