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Film: the reason some of the past was in HD

#Science & Technology
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♫ last Christmas, I shot it on film ♫
♫ but the very next year, I switched it to tape ♫
♫ this year, to save me from tears ♫
♫ I’ll just go and shoot in 4K ♫
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OK, here comes a pinned comment about the whole Star Trek thing (and I've edited this to give a little more clarity);
I'm getting a lot of mixed information from commenters about what specifically is preventing Voyager (and Deep Space Nine) from getting an HD Re-release. Some people are saying it's just a money thing, and that Paramount couldn't recoup their investment (as learned from their experience doing the TNG re-release). TNG was, after all, edited on tape so what is the substantial difference?
Yes. TNG was originally edited on tape, not film. I implied in the video that there was a "final cut" on film but this isn't the case. From my research and understanding, as helped along by others, the key difference between TNG and Voyager when it comes to making an HD re-release feasible is that while some of the VFX work on TNG was rendered to tape, this was largely things like phaser effects, planetary orbital scenes, and other minutia. Most shots of the Enterprise were done with models / practical effects, and as such they existed on film from the get go, meaning they existed with the full detail film can capture. So yes, the version we saw upon its initial release came from a tape, but unlike Voyager (and DS9), a much greater percentage of the original effects footage existed on film.
This meant that to re-release the series in HD, scanning the film negatives took care of a large portion of business. It largely needed to simply be re-edited to match the original cuts and timing. The most complicated part of the process was re-compositing some of the film-based effects. But since they existed on film, it was mainly a matter of re-alignment. Relatively few VFX elements were done exclusively on tape, and so it wasn't a monumental undertaking to recreate them for the HD release.
In contrast, for Voyager and (to a lesser extent) DS9, CGI was used heavily. And since that was rendered to tape and composited with the live-action scanned from film, the negatives (assuming they still exist) are just the live scenes and nothing more. If a re-release were to be done in HD, a much greater amount of work would need to be done. DS9 doesn't have it quite as bad as Voyager, but it would still be more complex than TNG. Some of the original computer models have been found which would help with recreating the VFX scenes, but in many cases the production houses that did this work went out of business. Which leaves many, many scenes where the entire thing needs to be re-done from scratch. And given how expensive this would be, it's likely never to happen. So no, it's not impossible that we'd see DS9 and Voyager get re-released in HD, but very unlikely. The extra complexities required would add tremendous cost to an already expensive endeavor.

by Technology Connections 1 year ago

Dynamic range is the easiest way to tell between a film source and a tape source.

by Sound Field 1 year ago

"Or IMAX and you should just give up trying" LMAOO I used to be a projectionist for them. Its HUGE.

by chase brown 2 months ago

"And we were all having fun watching these amazing movies at the cinema, enjoying our popcorn, socializing with the neighbours"
This line hits different in 2020

by phonvoli ormogwey 5 months ago

Im glad someone explains why some shows had the "soap opera effect." I always have to explain to people why vhs videos on youtube are sometimes in 60fps.

by TheJohnmarston72 1 year ago

Look at the trailer for the 4K version of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s from the 1960’s and looks amazing today.

by dahlgren23 1 year ago

Monty Python even made a joke out of it:
"Alright, stop that sketch. It got too silly."
"You can't stop it - it's on film!"
"That doesn't make any difference to the viewer at home, does it?"

by VaterOrlaag 1 year ago

Ok, I know I'm 4000 comments late to the discussion. BUT, as my dad is a huge 16mm collector (probably has close to 1000 films at this point- and if you ever want to cover the original Kodacolor lenticular color film, let me know!), 720p is not enough for 16mm film, unless you're talking about the EARLY 16mm stuff, pre-1930. (16mm film released in 1925, but you just do not find any film from 1925 for some reason. I don't know why, despite having a camera, possibly two released in 25).

16mm scans should be 1080p minimum, with 2K resolution (i.e. 1440p) being the best "mid-range" option. (Do note that 16mm film scanners for the home are still stupid expensive, with the cheapest being about $5000).

But really if you see this, please let me know. I'd love to help out with a video on the first consumer motion-picture format, and I can give you access to SOOOOO MANY resources.

(I know you said do the best you can, just wanna clarify. Also, at , 16mm films degrade A LOT- particularly the earliest kodachrome from 35/36, and almost all ektachrome from the 60s-80s. Turns either red or purple. And this is totally ignoring vinegar syndrome)

by Sam T 6 months ago

I bet this is where all these "New York City in 19XX 4k HD" videos are from.

by Mii Clarky 9 months ago

"It looks like it was shot on the tape" I can totally feel that sentence... Though we cant techincally explain the difference... Our eyes do catch it ! Perfectly explained.

by Suhas Sanmukh 9 months ago

Ayyyy that's me at ! Thanks for adding my comment! :)

by DinoYT 11 months ago

‪”Photography seems like a very trivial thing today but it wasn’t so easy for the vast majority of its history. The goal of this video isn’t to go through the entire history of photography”
That’s not very Technology Connections of you
“so we’re gonna fast forward to about 1900‬”
Ah, there it is.

by Justin Warthen 1 year ago

As a direct result of watching that Monty Python section, I had a flashback from 30 years ago watching The Goodies (Bill Odde, Graham someone, and Tim someone? Jeez when I started typing their names I was far too confident) and remembering asking my naive 7 year old self that exact question -the show seems different outside than when they are inside but why tho? and all I came up with was the weather outside was affecting the filming - evidence of this you can hear in outdoor windy sound recordings so my assumption must have seemed logical enough for me to never think about it again. Until today. Anyone else think they were a lot smarter as a kid? No? Just me?

Last christmas, you called it HD..
But the very next year it became SD

by Ash Lilburne 9 months ago

Hey guys check out nirvanas live performance “at the paramount” was in 1991 or 2 idk I forgot it was on film and looks amazing

by KillerCo 11 months ago

Ansel Adams using 8"x10" film in a view camera: "Hold my beer"

by maf421 9 months ago

I still like the way WKRP in Cincinnati looks.

by Travis Kraft 1 year ago

The video shown in the start was this "Wham! - Last Christmas (Official 4K Video) " took me some time to find it. (like so others can see)

by NormalAF 2 months ago

'Artefacts on tape?' - Soooo you've never looked at a BBC production from the 70's/80's involving a naked flame of any sort?

by Chris Monkman 9 months ago

I’ve been calling tape ‘digital’ for years and years and I’m so happy to finally understand fully the difference between the two

by gia 6 months ago

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