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Chest Freezers; What they tell us about designing for X

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This video is super cool. We're talking about refrigeration, and how the design of a refrigerator affects its energy consumption. Freezers are the perfect place to see this in action, so let's take a look!
I also made a follow-up video on the second channel with some other info I didn't talk about here! Go watch, if you like;
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Technology Connections photo 1 Chest Freezers; What they tell... Technology Connections photo 2 Chest Freezers; What they tell... Technology Connections photo 3 Chest Freezers; What they tell... Technology Connections photo 4 Chest Freezers; What they tell...

OK, comment-pinning time!
I want to address the whole full-vs-empty fridge aside because I appear to have understood this differently than many people and it illustrates a problem in the video. Lots of people are saying things along the lines of "I thought the point of a full fridge was to minimize the amount of air inside so opening it causes less heat loss." Similar to the whole thermal mass reasoning (which is where I was coming from), this doesn't really matter in the long run. Which of course runs counter to the idea that chest freezers are helped by the fact they have a lid and not a door. So let's talk about that.
The thermal mass of air is tiny compared to any solid or liquid substance. So even if you exchange the entire volume of air in the fridge or freezer when you open it, once it's shut the new air will rapidly cool thanks to the cold walls, shelves, and of course food. That's why the freezer door gets sucked in. This does introduce some quantity of heat, yes, and in theory if you had more stuff in the fridge less heat would be introduced. But honestly I think this quantity of heat is mostly negligible, and I regret not making that clear in the script. I think that the heat introduced from opening the doors a few times is minimal compared to an entire day's worth of natural heat intrusion.
Chest freezers do get some help from the fact that they're sort of "never opened" but I think that more important than even that is simply their massive amounts of insulation compared to a refrigerator. I actually talked more in depth about this in a follow-up video, which you can find here;
(edited to add;) Having thought through it some more, I imagine the greatest benefit of having the lid on the top is that the cold air isn't being held back by a thin door seal as it is in an upright freezer. I really should get a thermal camera!

by Technology Connections 9 months ago

It's funny because in France, a "french door" fridge is called an "american fridge".

by laurent enzo 9 months ago

"If you've got a chest freezer and a leaf blower, try this at home, it's fun"

So anyway my mom kicked me out of the house.

by Keld Tundraking 5 months ago

"There's a sweet spot to be found"

Oh, I know where this is going... 45 degree angle freezers!

by Fidodo 4 months ago

"I guess Canada is just more optimistic"
Nope, just colder. Less tempurture differential means less energy. A chest freezer in the garage in the dead of winter consumes 0 kW.

by tOSdude 4 months ago

This is like the 4th episodes on refrigerant and condensers. I have to commend you for your consistency in explain heat pumps.


This channel is basically "in depth facts about mundane things I thought I didn't care about but actually do because it's surprisingly interesting". I'm glad I have this channel while in lockdown.

by jayzo_sayers 9 months ago

Most YouTube videos: “Do not try this at home”

This video: “You should try this at home

by Zachary Day 6 months ago

"...even more longerer."
That pop sound you heard in the distance was your exploding english teacher xD

by DasIllu 2 months ago

"that means it has a HOLE in its door."

I felt that.

by Mobiusmanray 2 months ago

"that makes the buzzy sound and makes the cool happen"
Engineering and physics at its best.

by Yora 4 months ago

I like how that label puts the energy usage at $42 on a scale of $46 to $46.

by Jeff C 4 months ago

It's called a chest freezer because that's where you store the body parts.

by Midi Music Forever 6 months ago

Now I am vindicated in my decision not to get one of those fancy looking fridges. Thank you internet person.

by Colin Theriac 6 months ago

"you might wanna invest in some warm gloves" laughs in frozen food stocker

by Chloe Dysart 1 month ago

As a PhD in engineering, who took many (too many) thermodynamics classes, i think you're better at teaching the basics of thermo than most of my professors.

by Jeff Bunn 9 months ago

the ironic thing is, I distinctively remember my family getting rid of a deep freeze just to save money on electricity. But we probably ended up losing more money by throwing more food away lol

Although, on that note, I suppose there's something to be said about having TOO MUCH in your deep freeze, and wasting it that way due to freezer burn...

by mistercr0wbar 6 months ago

I genuinely thought you were going to say "what you're really avoiding with a full freezer is starvation".

by Maria Aspvik 5 months ago

You: This is a cool video game.
Me, an intellectual: This videogame has the best thermal design

by Alex de Moya 5 months ago

Chest freezer: a must have for murderers

by Not in Gb 4 months ago

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