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Automatic Record Changers: We used to like them

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Hmm. What were these things? Why were some record sets made to work with them? When did we decide we hated them? Was that the right call? Will I ask another question?
These are the things you’ll learn in this video, where we explore the humble record changer. Seriously. They didn’t suck!
If you’d like a more complete look at the Victor VE 10-50, you should take a look at these videos. Note that in the last link, the model shown is the premium 10-70 which included an electronic amplifier! Ooohh! The other two were Orthophonic Victrolas, which used an acoustic reproducer and a folded horn to achieve their surprisingly good fidelity.
Also, this site gives great info about Victrolas, and you should check them out!
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