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1970's Camera Tech: How they showed you what settings to use

#Science & Technology
Ever wonder how pro cameras from the 1970's worked? Learn about their single most important tool for the photographer (and lots else!) in this exposé.
Strings of text which take you places!
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Great video. Really pulled out all the stops for this one.

by The Slow Mo Guys 2 months ago

The background looks fake because it is so ridiculously well lit.

by Mutt Fitness 2 months ago

"and yet some of you think Captain Disillusion and I are the same person."
That's exactly what a skeptical superhero with a secret identity would say.

by Ambulocetus 2 months ago

Then do a collaboration with "captain disillusion", show us the PROOF and the truth.

by Kafj302 2 months ago

Man, now I'd really like to see a collab between Captain Disillussion and Alec. I don't even know how that should work, but I know I need it

by Rhash Hoglan 2 months ago

Me, starting video: "Man, this guy kinda looks like Captain Disillusion.."
Video: "People think I look like Captain Disillusion"
Me: .......

by Fritzel Media 2 months ago

The amount of engineering here is amazing, like imagine making this thing.

by Alex 2 months ago

You're not Captain Disillusion, you're clearly his unpaid intern Alan.

by Red Red 2 months ago

Really? People actually think that set is rendered? Anyone who has been to Ikea once or twice can see that it is an Expedit or Kallax with fancy LED lighting mounted in it.

by Jeroen van Montfort 2 months ago

"This is obvious in-person thanks to stereoscopic vision."

As someone without stereoscopic vision...nope! Damn you parallax, you elusive dream!

by Thomas Winget 2 months ago

We have to remember one thing: This system looks intuitive and simple because it has been an object of countless design proposals and staff meetings.

That's what always fascinated me about these things. We just use small things that were someone's work for like 3 months.

by Ray the Floof 2 months ago

Four and a half decades ago I used a Canon F1 when I was a photographer for my high school newspaper and yearbook. The F1 was pretty much my constant companion in my junior year, I took it with me all the time in school to grab candid photos and to photograph school assemblies and sports events. This video was a great refresher of an old friend. Thanks.

by jkk244 2 months ago

When I found your channel a long time ago when you only had a few tens of thousands of subscribers I wanted to copy your set almost exactly. Seeing as though you have now passed me in subscribership, I'm glad I didn't do that 🤣

by Snazzy Labs 2 months ago

I know you were just making a joke, real fans remember the days where it actually WAS a green screen. Sub 35k club!

by awesomeferret 2 months ago

There's something satisfying about the sounds produced from analogue cameras like the Canon F-1.

by mcrazza 2 months ago

At first I wondered if such a young guy knew what he was talking about? In the end I can confirm: he knows. Very well explained!

by avronaut 2 months ago

I loved my photography classes in high school. When I tell my kids about it they look at me like I am ancient.

by kklotz121 2 months ago

That little “crash course in basic photography” was the most comprehensive explanation i’ve seen on youtube, and it wasn’t even supposed to be the focus of the video!
What a pleasant surprise it was!
Thank you.

by Mivalys 2 months ago

This year I've been getting way more into photography, so this was really neat to hear about. Good stuff.

by natervader 2 months ago

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