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Playing as Master Chief in a FORTNITE Only Tournament...

#challenge #comedy #funny #family #Gaming
Playing as Master Chief in a FORTNITE Only Tournament... with TBNRfrags ๐Ÿ‘Š
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#family friendly #fortnite

TBNRFrags photo 1 Playing as Master Chief in... TBNRFrags photo 2 Playing as Master Chief in... TBNRFrags photo 3 Playing as Master Chief in... TBNRFrags photo 4 Playing as Master Chief in...

My people!! Josh legit looks like a grown man now... What happened to my little brother?! Subscribe and tell me! ๐Ÿ˜จ

by TBNRFrags 3 months ago

I love how Preston doesnโ€™t know what the npcโ€™s are

by DCWindBreaker81 3 months ago

Josh: Sweating

Preston: Peacefully talking

by ShockWave 3 months ago

I love how he killed the npc for no reason

by AdMan_SA 3 months ago

was it just me or did everyone just go deaf. LOL

by Space cat 3 months ago

Did anyone notice this? The thumbnail pic always shows joshuas old face but now Joshua has a lot of hair

by Chrishaun Shiv 3 months ago

it is hilarious that he still has the trash can back bling on hahahahahahhahhahah

by Muhammad Abdirizak 3 months ago

Oof u said josh wasnโ€™t in the server when heโ€™s dominating in a fortnite only tournament with a halo akin lol

by Spoopily Woopily 3 months ago

R.I.P baby Josh, I miss his little baby voice
Edit: I mean when puberty didn't hit him
Another edit: how is it weird? Puberty is a normal thing in life, I have a squeaky voice and I'm 12 which will change soon so idk why you are thinking that life is sus

by Ideal Flaze 3 months ago

I dont know he looks so old btw i dont get how some youtubers have more subs then u

by Minecraft EFDOs 3 months ago

Me knowing its a skin only tournament that means i cant join :(

by Vinozki masilang 3 months ago

i wish josh was happy like on the 10,000 dollars in 2 hours challenge and the preston has to say yes to everything challenge

by Hunter Miller 3 months ago

Prestone you can talk to the npc yhats wahats gold for

by Tyrone Lennox 3 months ago

bruh did he not know that thatโ€™s someone ur suppose to talk to?

by Movie Clips2020 3 months ago

SWeet, josh is insane

by PRO Clan 3 months ago

Yeah i like to watch his old vids just to hear joshes baby voice

by Amber Whillock 3 months ago

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