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Extreme RAINBOW Gun Challenge with My Little Brother! (100k VBucks)

#challenge #funny #family friendly #family #Gaming
Extreme RAINBOW Gun Challenge with My Little Brother! (100k VBucks) with TBNRfrags ๐Ÿ‘Š
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#fortnite #comedy

TBNRFrags photo 1 Extreme RAINBOW Gun Challenge with... TBNRFrags photo 2 Extreme RAINBOW Gun Challenge with... TBNRFrags photo 3 Extreme RAINBOW Gun Challenge with... TBNRFrags photo 4 Extreme RAINBOW Gun Challenge with...

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by TBNRFrags 6 months ago

Preston says "welcome beautiful people" so I will answer with "thank you beautiful youtuber

by Elliot Elmin Berg 2 months ago

When you got all, my heart is beating faster than usual.

by Tony Tran 4 months ago

i kinda have this feleing that im a pro with my friends dad and my hand was red. so cool

by Pio Aaron F. GELANO 3 days ago

Preston: Iโ€™m not even going to talk, Iโ€™m gonna be quiet.
Literally 2 seconds later: I wonder-

by Olivia Panayiotou 5 months ago

you stayed in the farm almost the hole game.

by Keane Lorenzo 2 months ago

I love when preston says hes going to be quiet and then he gets scared and starts talking lol its so funny dude love you guys

by Cameron Titus 5 months ago

whenever preston said to his little brother body him whenever joshua was fighting sombody

by Brittney Klutts 5 months ago

preston: i fell for that too!
mirage: you got baboozled look at you hehe

by Bunneh 6 months ago

Havenโ€™t watched your vids in like 6 months enjoyed coming back to it

by ใƒƒWolfie 5 months ago

Preston: Iโ€™m just going to be quiet
Me: Preston you talked after you said be quiet

by OE twin gaming 1 day ago

I know you play crearive desruction

by evil demon 19 hours ago

I like how Preston wants josh to win even tho the money is coming out of his pocket

by Jaxon Wolfe 1 month ago

When Joshโ€™s shockwave grenade launcher is glitched that happened to me but with a launch pad

by PB 6 months ago

Itโ€™s amazing watching how josh and Preston have improved over the years it is so nice watching them grow upโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’™

by Skateboarding is My life 1 month ago

โ€œThe Fudging Marder!โ€

by ClipzFN 1 month ago

i SWEAR i was certainly NOT expecting joshes voice to be that low.... i stopped watching u for a while and josh was squeaking a lot before, now hes gone through puberty and his voice is so low, and it gives me nostalgia

by Lily DiGiantomasso 4 months ago

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