impulsively dying my hair again

tatiana-ringsby photo 1 impulsively dying my hair again tatiana-ringsby photo 2 impulsively dying my hair again tatiana-ringsby photo 3 impulsively dying my hair again tatiana-ringsby photo 4 impulsively dying my hair again

tati dying her hair bright blue wearing a white shirt ?? braver than ill ever be 😳

by Grace Carasco 3 months ago

Tati can literally pull off anything because of her undeniable positivity and absolute gorgeousness

by Evalyn Lee 3 months ago

just when you think she can’t get any hotter, she instantaneously does. pls marry me.

by Amy Mendez 3 months ago

I just don't understand how people dislike this video if it hasn't even gone live yet?? So excited to see this!! 💙💙

by theycallmekenz 3 months ago

I’m actually shocked you didn’t get dye on your white shirt

by Addi 3 months ago

The fact that you had a white shirt the whole time was traumatizing

by bon jour 3 months ago

YES TATI you are like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon !! I’m so happy that you are happy💗

I’m also a small YouTuber and you’ve totally helped me gained confidence🤍

by Georgi Murphy 3 months ago

When I’ve been checking the channel every morning for a new vid and there finally is one !!! 😁😁😁

by em iSkate 3 months ago

Could you do a video on your coming out story? Like how you knew you were bi/ how your family and friends reacted

by Sadie Bolding 3 months ago

omg awe wait this is so cute we’re all just waiting for it to premier!! i’m so excited 🥺

by Asha Hickok 3 months ago

omg i can’t wait to see this! you’ve helped me gain the confidence to start my own channel x

by gia gatte 3 months ago

how have i never seen her before she’s so down to earth and cool

by emily kellams 3 months ago

so the comments are how u communicate on a premiere?

by mollie howells 3 months ago

So proud of you! I really am. I’m sitting in my bed with a face mask on trying to smile (yk how that goes) because seeing you happy makes me so so happy 😌

by TravelsWithNic 3 months ago

lol I loved that you were talking about such heavy and important topics and then you just like had a piece of tinfoil on your head

by Zoe Klein 3 months ago

is it possible to be this excited for something you already saw on tiktok☺️ lots of loveeee🌈

by melissa gray 3 months ago

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