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The Stock Market Crash of 1987 | Cancel Crash

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The fragile state of today’s world financial markets is not a new phenomenon. It wasn’t long ago that the world braced itself for another Great Depression.
It was the defining moment of the 1980's. The New York Stock Exchange, the epicenter of the world financial markets and backbone of American capitalism, was under siege. On October 19th, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 508 points, the largest single day drop in the history of the stock market. But it was on Tuesday, October 20th that the world's financial markets came within 5 minutes of total disintegration.
How was it averted? Was it a miracle? Manipulation? Or a lucky trade?
Cancel Crash depicts the dramatic events that saved the world from financial anarchy and presents for the first time what actually happened on Terrible Tuesday. Framed between the opening bell on Friday, October 16th to the closing bell of Terrible Tuesday, the story unfolds as the perilous clock ticks, revealing those who prevented a global Depression and saved our financial markets.
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