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I've Unlocked Damascus Camo 7 Times in Modern Warfare... (MW Unlocking Damascus Camo)

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DAMASCUS 6 TIMES, 1 VIDEO! ► https://youtu.be/Zi4khgpVALw


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TastyFPS photo 1 I've Unlocked Damascus Camo 7... TastyFPS photo 2 I've Unlocked Damascus Camo 7... TastyFPS photo 3 I've Unlocked Damascus Camo 7... TastyFPS photo 4 I've Unlocked Damascus Camo 7...

Literally nuts. I haven't even unlocked a single gold camo yet🤯

by JustFrxdo 1 month ago

think I’m too old and impatient to unlock Damascus, dropped a like anyways

by SICKPATTON 1 month ago

Just got into ur shipment game 134 kills tho

by Mark Tierney 1 month ago

Congratulations on Damascus for the 8th time! That grind is insane and admirable man. Congrats again and hopefully you will get the in game notification next time...such a vibe kill it happened the way it did. I feel for ya! 💙

by BarryliciousTV 1 month ago

Dear Tasty, can you get Damascus on my account one more time, all I need is 3 launchers which are the Jokr, Strella , and rpg and all ar’s except the M4, or if you can do only the launchers it would be more than enough ?

by Info for anything 1 month ago

Amazing once again! Will you ever go after the mastery calling card? I saw someone with it today and it looks soooo sick

by Chris Valdez 1 month ago

I haven’t even got Damascus once yet😂 I’m stuck on the riot shield but I’ve nearly done it tho👍🏼What do u use to edit your videos?

by Ghillz 1 month ago

I just don’t have the patience to do it once not alone 7 times, congrats though

by Jan Butruk 1 month ago

Screw all that. The camo just isn't cool at all. I'll do it this year for sure though for cold War or whatever.

by Sidoxyy 1 month ago

What the hell thats insane did u do it in the same order on every account

by Owen Hand 1 month ago

bro pls help, I only want you to do the riot shield, launchers and knife :)

by Matt Zukowski 1 month ago

Can u get it on my account it’s almost done

by Vxulti 1 month ago

Such a hard grind man but worth it im barely there but gettin there only got gold on ak kar and mp5

by vStraft 1 month ago

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