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TANQR VS DENIS.. (Roblox Arsenal)

#arsenal trolling #rb battles final #arsenal creator tournament #tanqr vs bandites #Gaming
RB Battles Contestant DENIS challenged me to a Arsenal 1v1!
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Denis: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOaMOXfe8EWH1GJyhqhXrAA
UGC, TanqR Mask Purple: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/5894431473/TanqR-Mask-Purple
TanqR Mask: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/4940490318/TanqR-Mask
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Bacon Buddy: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/4710303488/Bacon-Buddy
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Husky Beanie: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/4797503570/Husky-Beanie
Megaphone Audio, https://www.roblox.com/library/5812114304/TanqR-Outro https://www.roblox.com/library/5812114939/Vote-Competitive-Mode
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#Roblox #TanqR #Arsenal

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TanqR photo 1 TANQR VS DENIS.. (Roblox Arsenal) TanqR photo 2 TANQR VS DENIS.. (Roblox Arsenal) TanqR photo 3 TANQR VS DENIS.. (Roblox Arsenal) TanqR photo 4 TANQR VS DENIS.. (Roblox Arsenal)

Denis is so supportive and doesn’t get mad at all, hes very chill

by ShadowWolf25 2 months ago

TanqR: The most satisfying thing in a world is, "headshots."
TanqR's dream: Misses a few shots

by Gwin 1 day ago

Tanqr:hush puppy's so satisfying to kill with

by Abdirahman Ahmed 1 month ago

I love how TanqR Edited it so that it skips all of denis's kills on the second round except one 🤣

by Hylo_ Gamez 2 months ago

When Tanqr will be having kids, before his kids go to sleep will make them listen to the headshot sound

by ŘØBŁØX.ĒXË 2 months ago

tanqr:stop right there

by Jdt 2 months ago

who needs a skin anyway if you could still play the game perfectly

by Mala master mind 1 month ago

Tanqr i got a challenge for u, win a whole round with backstabs

by best roblox player 1 month ago

I love how Denis accepted everything when he lost.

by s a n d v i c h 2 months ago

Alternate Title: Denis getting wrecked by a man with a mask!

by Mr.Pixelated 1 month ago

Denis: Wow you are the best!

Tanqr: nobody has ever said that to me before...

by BaBa Sheep 2 months ago

I'm still waiting for the day that TanqR gets a head shot with an explosive

by Kyroa 1 month ago

Tanqr’s bed time album: “Headshot noises intesntifies”

by Mister_Door 2 months ago

Fun fact: Your not in full screen

by deadlyfied 1 day ago

I’m gonna assume TanqR is gonna destroy denis.

by GahTheGamer 1 day ago

I really do look forward to denis and tanqr making lots of videos together.

by xSpectix-_- 2 months ago

At least your not the kind of people whos literally like “ez ez ez ez” when they didn’t even win lmao-

by aiyumi 1 month ago

If arsenal was in the rb battles
Tanqr: EZ

by THECHICKEN_XD 2 months ago

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