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"I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!" Laura Woods takes on Liverpool fan John over European Super League!

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"Don't ever be a John"

Yours sincerely

All Liverpool fans.

by JJ Godwin 3 weeks ago

John the type of guy to say: “oh your homeless? Just buy a house!”

by JAY 3 weeks ago

John is the liverpool owner doing his best non American accent.

by Derek Neville 3 weeks ago

John is the type of person that says: "Why are you poor, stop it immediately and be rich."

by Minimalist SG 3 weeks ago

"Don't ever be a John"

Yours sincerely

All Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham fans.

by Chandradip Saha 3 weeks ago

On behalf of all LFC supporters, I would like to apologise for Johns behaviour. He hadn't taken his meds this morning and he managed to nick his carers phone.

by Alistair 3 weeks ago

John's probably a TalkSport employee calling from the basement in order to stir up outrage and clicks.

by Ned Dalton 3 weeks ago

John sounds like the guy that throws a strop when he isn't allowed to be the banker in monopoly

by Gaming Harry 3 weeks ago

As Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park "You spent so long thinking about whether you could but didn't stop to think weather you should". The Super League could be the tyrannosaurus that kills many smaller clubs.

by Guy Berryman 3 weeks ago

This guy is the exact reason this could go ahead, his point of view is all from being a fan of one of Europe's best

by JS282 3 weeks ago

Ed Woodward on the phone pretending to be a Liverpool fan he never stops. 😂😂

by Paddy Last 3 weeks ago

"It's hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it's damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person" - Bill Murray

by Clementine 3 weeks ago

I'd like to apologise on behalf of john and all Liverpool fans john suffers with memory loss 🙏

by Fordo 3 weeks ago

Really like Laura's handling of that call and topic. Ally went all Scottish and passionate which is fair enough as it's a passionate subject, but Laura went all ninja on the dipshit, cool, calm and collected.......respect to the gal 👍🏻

by terence lee 3 weeks ago

'I'd rather go turin or madrid every week than spartak moscow or summet' hahaha

by Connor Mawer 3 weeks ago

In Mark Goldbridges Words :"What a prat"

by Oskar Ellis 3 weeks ago

Definition of a Glory Hunter: John the Liverpool FC supporter.

by Colt Luger 3 weeks ago

Them: We want to play bigger teams

Also them:Tottenham vs Everton 2-2
Arsenal vs Fulham 1-1
Real Madrid vs Getafe 0-0
Chelsea vs West Brom 2-5

by Henry Zuniga Hernandez 3 weeks ago

This John needs to read the papers properly so he understands what is really happening to Football on the whole.

by DANIEL HUNT 3 weeks ago

John left school early, everyday of his academic years, because he didn’t know what the academic year stood for and for how long... John is still trying to find his year book, but still trying to figure out which year book, it’s all a complete mystery 🙄

by Nelpin 2020 3 weeks ago

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