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After Kayleigh McEnany, Kellyanne Conway Schools Weijia Jiang, Exposes Her Race Bait Journalism

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After Kayleigh McEnany, Kellyanne Conway Schools Weijia Jiang For Her Race Bait Journalism
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Weija Jiang is determined to disregard the origins of COVID-19 and label Trump as racist..
The recent attempt is calling out President Trump’s use of the term Kung flu to describe the virus at the recent Tulsa rally..
On Monday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany set her straight defending the president’s positioning on the virus and on Wednesday she White House Counsellor Kellyanne Conway set her straight again highlighting to Jiang why Trump is not racist..
As Conway spoke with reporters outside of the White House on Wednesday morning, she was immediately asked about her reaction to the president’s repeated use of the term “Kung flu” during his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday.
Conway fired back in defense of Trump blaming China for the president’s use of the term.
“My reaction is that the president has made very clear he wants everybody to understand, and I think many Americans do understand, that the virus originated in China and that had China been more transparent and honest with the United States and the world, we wouldn’t have all the death and destruction that, unfortunately, we’ve suffered.”
When Jiang asked Conway around previous comments relating to Kung flu and whether Conway planned on telling the president that Kung flu could be seen as hurtful, Conway responded;
“I speak to the president daily on many different topics,”.
“We don’t always agree on everything, and that’s why I work here,” Conway said defending the diversity within the Trump administration and there being no underlying racist references from Trump.

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Talk Right Network photo 1 After Kayleigh McEnany, Kellyanne Conway... Talk Right Network photo 2 After Kayleigh McEnany, Kellyanne Conway... Talk Right Network photo 3 After Kayleigh McEnany, Kellyanne Conway... Talk Right Network photo 4 After Kayleigh McEnany, Kellyanne Conway...

Did round eye allay your fears?

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The President is not lacess !!!

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