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T1 Fighting photo 1 TYLER1 JOINS T1 T1 Fighting photo 2 TYLER1 JOINS T1 T1 Fighting photo 3 TYLER1 JOINS T1 T1 Fighting photo 4 TYLER1 JOINS T1

Was hoping to see Faker scratch his head and say "Is this a bug?"

by R3STRIKT3D 21 hours ago

Tyler1 is playing Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC and support for T1 and 1v9 to win Worlds 2021.

by putin on a horse 22 hours ago

The biggest free agency signing of 2020 this means more FakerXTyler 1 Collabs 😀😀

by Micheal Chea 22 hours ago

Can't wait to see T1 coaching staff giving all KR players Bloodrush before games

by Ani Singh 22 hours ago

Bro this announcement looked so much like a fan video I didn’t believe it till I checked the god damn channel

by Nikhit S 22 hours ago

The greatest league entertainer ever joins the greatest league org ever

by TheMasterRed 21 hours ago

T1 joining T1 started as a joke many years ago and everyone laughing
Now who's laughing, still everyone and we all so proud of him

by key bear 20 hours ago

He liked that burger meet with Faker so much he joined T1.

by Jarod Calawen 22 hours ago

Faker is an owner of T1, this means tyler1 is now an employee of Faker

by Timon Altenburger 21 hours ago


by LCKFan369 22 hours ago

He finally joined his own team!

by Ralph 22 hours ago

Welcome BUZZLIGHTYEAR99 as our new jungler for 2021

by DammitSinged 22 hours ago

Fun fact, the doors are normal sized

by -Hitmaniac- 20 hours ago

I was like "aha nice joke, clickbaiting why not xD"
I was here 17/10/2020, 22h25

by Bastien BARBIERI 22 hours ago

bro this felt like an .exe video more than anything LMFAO

by vilePred 22 hours ago

Anyone else came after seeing it on stream?

by Hellboy 22 hours ago

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