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EVERYTHING Epic Didn't Tell You In The HUGE Update! (Flare Gun, New Upgrades!) - Fortnite Season 3

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In todays video we check out the brand new fortnite patch, which includes the new flare gun, and new upgrade stations! Theres also rumors of a Captain America skin coming soon!
Thanks to HYPEX for the leaks!
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Hey everyone itโ€™s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible. In todays video I talk about the every thing you need to know in the new fortnite update including the flare gun, the new upgrade stations, captain america and more! This is basically everything epic didnt tell you about the new fortnite patch! I'm super excited for season 3 of chapter 2!
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SypherPK photo 1 EVERYTHING Epic Didn't Tell You... SypherPK photo 2 EVERYTHING Epic Didn't Tell You... SypherPK photo 3 EVERYTHING Epic Didn't Tell You... SypherPK photo 4 EVERYTHING Epic Didn't Tell You...

Sypher looks like a proud dad when he talks about the rapid fire

by FLIP-Mellow 1 week ago

Sypher sounds like heโ€™s being sponsored by the rapid fire

by Andrisimo 1 week ago

When he was talking about the renegade he looked like he died inside lol

by Ploofy 1 week ago

Them: โ€œDo you get your news from a reliable source?โ€
Me, watching SypherPK on every silent patch and leak: yes

by Randy Cornett 1 week ago

RIP to all the defaults who hide in the bushes in the endgame.

by Samyak Lenovo 1 week ago

how the hell did he get a steamy stacks elim from misty meadows am I the only one who sees this like what !?

by Apratim Kejriwal 1 week ago

Sypherโ€™s nemesis is the P90 and his side kick is the rapid fire.

by Googs 1 week ago


by Duhhhvid Powder 1 week ago

I bet when Sypher heard about the renegade emote he was like โ€œfortnite is so cringeโ€

by Angel Machuca 1 week ago

Everybody face expression when he changed from combat to charged

by Slushy 1 week ago

The new jonesy skin thatโ€™s coming out looks like Thor from endgame

by Galaxy Wolf1501 1 week ago

Sypher: It shoots out, like, a flare.

Me: Well, yea. It's called a flare gun. What else would it shoot?

by CloudJumper32 1 week ago

At this rate, I can imagine Sypher saying: "This video was sponsored by the Rapid Fire SMG."

by JaacobErazo YT 1 week ago

is it me or did the chug splash heal him for like 4 hp

by Hamm Squad 1 week ago

I noticed that when I was in a helicopter, there was little icons on the map that looked like gas pumps. these were all located on gas stations and other things. I belive this shows the loctation of the new refueling locations.

by Calbert 1 week ago

"Eliminations at Steamy Stacks 1/3"
Me: hOw

by Bacon Boi 1 week ago

Sypher: Notices all of Fortniteโ€™s changes

Muselk: Only notices about 2 or 3

by FreeZe OpZ 1 week ago

I remember when sypher told everyone on stream to be quiet so he could record! ๐Ÿคฃ

by Shadow Rice 1 week ago

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