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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dead Trollz (Lyrics)

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🎶 YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dead Trollz (Lyrics)
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🎤 Lyrics, [Intro]
That lil'-ass bag, and that pussy-ass boy won't say it, ayy
Man, you don't come future around this way, nigga (Free DDawg)
(PlayBoy on this bitch)
Tell the motherfuckin' police pick me up
I got them youngins goin' crazy, tryna blitz something
Mad man, nigga don't hear no talkin' when Lil Top come
Haha, bitch, I want you act like you gon' do somethin'
I see murder in my eyes
Pussy nigga, you ain't sayin' nothin'
Inside, got these niggas waitin' up in line
Catch 'em bad and end up sprayin' somethin'
[Verse 1]
My manager call, boom, mouth full of pills, nigga
Tell that boy I'ma see him, nigga
Tell him I say don't come fish around this lake, bitch, and that's real, nigga
Seven murders in my hometown, tell them bitches I did that
Soon as the other boy touch down, I'ma be pushin' his wig bag
Dog-ass ho chasin' after dough, fuck around with thesе opp niggas
See they cookin' up, I ain't gon' stand down, tell that bitch that I'm tryna bang with 'em
Rеal dead man out in Relly Park, I done arranged killers
Mask down on Sunset with them dirty sticks, leave a stain with 'em
Mask on, slang that heater
Man down, call the people
Got 'em tryna troll
Pussy nigga drove that he can't get no feature
I got meds in my kidney, sippin' mud out the liter
Want my own cemetery, get 'em buried, call the preacher
Don't like me, then fuck 'em, I won’t go that way with gang, nigga
Log offline, get active, fuck your caption, what you sayin', nigga?
Pussy-ass niggas ain't trappers, they ain't factors, they can't hang with us
As soon as your ass get captured, I just hope you got your mans with you
That's two for one
Pick 'em out, just choose you somethin'
Dead rapper
I been trippin', Obama know just how I come
Bet the mayor of LA know from his city, bitch, I done put shit under
Known disses and a nigga know I'm still sellin' bar like I ain't got no money
[Verse 2]
I say all these hoes ain't nothin', they just wanna hate on somethin'
I been steppin' on shit, like hit after hit, no church ain't safe on Sunday
Born in this assassin shit, my mama told me burn that money
I ain't got no love for shit, the North, you know I'm leavin' somethin'
Take your shit, I'm keepin' that, niggas know I'm SooWoo
Invest inside that youngin who movin' R's so I've been sellin' blues
That nigga dead, tell me did he move?
All that he said was, "Watch the news"
Talkin' turnin' out, he done turned to two
It was two victims ain't make it through
California with hella pounds
Drive around with hella troops
I got pictures of you, lil' pussy bitch
Plan on stainin' somethin' in Atlanta too
Wan' get up with me, but I don't fuck with you
All in Pampers, son set trippin' too
Bounty hundred, bitch, tryna eat the crew
Got my son screamin' out, "Do me too"
Devil baby, satan seed, nigga, trendset
Contagious whack
Them hollows came from me, hope you ain't catch that
Correct that
Come correct, bitch, why you said that?
I already done addressed that
He had a show, tell me where the next at
I got a gift for you, Lil Top calls (Baow-baow-baow), them niggas hoes
Since I got them Florida bricks, my Florida bitch don't want me no more
We done did a run, the second option gon' be a solo
My godmama want me to visit her, but it's too much smoke
I'm like eeny-meeny-miny-mo, put my opps up in a row
Leave one dead, I leave one dead
D-Rose, he way from the Bulls home
Too much money on me, bro, hold my chrome
Nigga try to go, then you do his ass
If you know me, you know I'm never home alone
Got XDs by the TV stand
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YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Dead Trollz
Dead Trollz Lyrics
YoungBoy Never Broke Again Dead Trollz
Dead Trollz YoungBoy Never Broke Again
YoungBoy Never Broke Again Dead Trollz Lyrics
Dead Trollz YoungBoy Never Broke Again Lyrics

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