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The Downfall of Fortnite BR (Full Documentary)

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Ever since the Fortnite Battle Royale player count peaked in Season 4, Fortnite has been bleeding active users. Now that we're in Chapter 2, Season 3 of Fortnite, I wanted to find out why the game has been losing players. This documentary will attempt to answer that question.
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I don't hate the game. It's not a bad game. I just don't like the community. It's just a bunch of toxic butthurt 10year olds.

by R1VAL V1K1NG 1 month ago

"Battle royale, a fairly new genre of games."

Minecraft hunger games: 👁👄👁

by It's that one person 2 weeks ago

Remember when the game wasn't just an advertisement for bigger companies?

by ubern00b kye 2 weeks ago

The downfall was everyone taking the game wayyy to seriously and treating it like every match was $1mil it this is why I left atleast

by PvPoof 2 weeks ago

Epic made billions. Their job is complete. They don't care anymore.

by Bouncyhippo 1 week ago

shoots someone once
Them: panicks and speed builds the world trade center in a matter of seconds

by Deadpool 1 month ago

As a caped villain once said: "And when everyone's super, no one will be."

by Ultimate Loser 2 weeks ago

Facts: planes only ruined competitive, they were a blast in casual

by Soldier D-1804 1 week ago

The dislikes are angry 12 year olds with “pro Fortnite player” in their Instagram bio

by HF Xtreme 2 weeks ago

Another reason of the downfall is that the community doesn’t know what it wants, they wanted a new map, they got it and now they want the old one again, people wanted no op or crazy weapons they got it and complained that there was no crazy and fun weapons.

It’s a mix from bad updates, dumb community and the game getting old

by Sans DeltaRune 2 weeks ago

I think adults started leaving and children took their place.

by MrMacAwesome 1 month ago

Eventually in ten years everyone’s gonna think fortnite fun again and gonna be like “glad I grew up playing fortnite instead of (whatever game is out) it’s a same cycle over and over.

by Ketchup 2 weeks ago

I feel the reason why Fortnite is dying is because the second epic saw that the game was losing steam, they panicked and added stuff to keep the player base of fetuses interested which just messed up the games balance.

by Nitro Charge151 2 weeks ago

When people die in minecraft:
UGHHH whyy this sucks, GG

When people die in fortnite:
sanity instantly fades

by DangerLord 1 week ago

“you either die a hero, or see yourself become the villain”. Fortnite lived long enough to turn into a game that no longer holds much value in our hearts. The nostalgic feeling and excitement of getting a victory royale is gone. Epic started releasing stupid updates and the community started getting toxic. Not just towards epic but towards other players as well. The game is just so reworked now that it doesn’t even feel like the original game. I wish we could go back to the way fortnite was but deep in my heart, I know that it would never be the same. Thanks for the memories Epic

by Furkan Erarac 1 week ago

Crazy to think that all those 12 year olds we came across are now 14.

by A Black Genie 4 weeks ago

"All great games rise and fall"
"but fortnite was just supposed to fall"

by DangerLord 1 week ago

Playground is not what ruined the game, turbo building is. Instead of placing each piece everyone could just hold a button and spam builds.

by mav seveneightnine 1 week ago

it was good in middle chapter 1, actually felt genuine, hype all around the season, especially season 4. Season 7 was personally my favorite.

now, in chapter 2, the new season is literally a marvel collaboration, Epic games is greedy and don't care about the community or game (especially Save the World), the community is sweaty and toxic and it isn’t that genuine anymore. When a new season drops nowadays it's "OH YEAH!!! Anyway..."

by Eck Jim 1 week ago

Imagine those kids who spend hundreds of dollars on this game and just lose interest

by Florence Jacob Cepe 1 week ago

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