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Nuuk - the largest city of Greenland [HD]

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Nuuk, "The tip", is the capital and largest city of Greenland, and the seat of government for the Sermersooq municipality. It has a population of 15,469, making it one of the smallest capital cities in the world by population.

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Stunning Videos photo 1 Nuuk - the largest city... Stunning Videos photo 2 Nuuk - the largest city... Stunning Videos photo 3 Nuuk - the largest city... Stunning Videos photo 4 Nuuk - the largest city...

A train in India will have more people than this entire city.

by GoodComedyClips 2 years ago

Imagine to have never seen a tree in real life, ever.

by Ronald de Rooij 1 year ago

Greenland is the biggest clickbait ever...

by Mystery Man 1 year ago

Actually would be quite nice and peaceful place to live, or at least visit, and one day i will..! Cheers from Finland👍🇫🇮🙃

by Henri Lehto 1 year ago

The buildings and houses look rather Scandinavian.

The inhabitants look rather Inuit.

by AudieHolland 4 months ago

-Honey what you cooked for dinner?
- I cooked fish today!
And this repeats everyday lol.

by herneyse11 1 year ago

Finally found a place that looks more depressing than Northern England 😂.

by HMSConduct 4 months ago

Weather forecast: cold today, cold tomorrow, cold forever

by Hello 4 years ago

Something tells me there is not a lot of crime there.

by newcoyote 1 year ago

All houses, buses, cars might be having heaters instead of AC

by Dubai Lifestyle 1 year ago

I felt cold whilst watching this.

by So What 1 year ago

Depressing for some yes, especially at this time of the year. Imagine, summer time. Ive seen it, been there, its beautiful. Summer and winter are amazing opposite experiences, just like black and white. Its the grey area when switching from summer to winter thats not so great, all the grey weather and melting ice and snow with water everywhere. But its worth it.

by Avataq Jensen 1 year ago

I definitely don't wanna live there. I would feel so isolated

by yeapoi 1 year ago

Even with the snowy climate, I love how the houses are built. They are so uniform and clean.

by Rocky Ugsod 1 year ago

My country: goes in lockdown

Greenland: "Lock whut?"

by Anthony Felter 3 days ago

I'd love to go there and learn about the culture, language, biodiversity, way of life etc...

by Julien TSP 2 months ago

Interesting how Greenland is ICE, and Iceland is GREEN.

by RD S 1 month ago

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