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Parkour Water Challenge Hamburg - DON'T GET WET ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช

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Ticking off scary challenges over the canals of Hamburg..
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Hamburg Part 1 - https://youtu.be/FjFDgGRcS6g
Hamburg Part 3 - https://youtu.be/E2EVzfyJXFM
corby - i have no idea but its funky
Bรซau - Feels
Pxllow Tom - Docomo Tower
Thi Fisher - Firewood ft. Professor Paul
Itz nothin - hurry up instrumental
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STORROR is a collective of seven elite athletes with big individual characters who were drawn together by a shared passion for movement and love of adventure. After growing up together and developing their skills for over a decade, the boys have built the most iconic brand in Parkour with an enthusiastic following to match.
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DISCLAIMER, This video features Parkour performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. All members of team STORROR have been training since 2005 and insist that no one attempt to re-create or re-enact any ROOFTOP activities or movement AT HEIGHT performed in these videos.

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STORROR photo 1 Parkour Water Challenge Hamburg -... STORROR photo 2 Parkour Water Challenge Hamburg -... STORROR photo 3 Parkour Water Challenge Hamburg -... STORROR photo 4 Parkour Water Challenge Hamburg -...

More water challenges from last Monday -
Check it out and remember water is god !

by STORROR 2 months ago

I didnโ€™t even mean to click on this vid and watched all 28 minutes. These guys are living life!! Lol

by Nathan Johnson 2 months ago

These young kids makes me wish I was in my 20s again. I did a lot of things in my 20s and 30s. Now in my mid 50s, I feel like I'm old, lmbo. Good job guys, out having fun in what you love to do best. Enjoy every minute and every day, cause someday your life will be just about over when you to old to do these kind of things. Cherish each day and make them count, you have only but one shot in Life. I'm proud of all you staying out of trouble and keeping yourselves busy, God Bless.

C. Wayne Brock. California

by Wayne Brock 1 month ago

My sheep farm in Minecraft

by Yousi Ama 1 week ago

No one:
Sacha: hippity hoppity your shoes are now my property

by Roxy 1 month ago

After this city installs new sign: "Do not jump off the railings"

by binaryalgorithm 3 weeks ago

I wouldnโ€™t last a second in their group

by H Kaine 1 month ago

when I do parkour and fall: friends laughing
when STORROR does parkour: lots of encouragement
what a life for meh ;-;


Normal people: waiting for somebody to make it
Them: waiting for somebody to fail

by Moose 1 month ago

do I need to wear an oversized t-shirt before i start doing parkour?

by AJ 1 month ago

I am from Birmingham and I can confirm the โ€œwaterโ€ shares more in common with rat intestines than actual water.

by AC 86 1 month ago

I wish I can jump on those pulls so I can say โ€œmom MOM, look here, on in a pirate ship pole!โ€

by Alvin Nguyen 1 week ago

My parents: "Just because your friends jump off a bridge, you wouln't have to!"

These Guys:

by _Sadlex_ 2 months ago

"This year's present: A disease."
That sounds about right.

by Dan S 3 weeks ago

This is the definition of: So if somebody ask you to jump of the bridge would you do it?

by DK O'Driscoll 1 month ago

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