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2020 US MRE Menu 20 Sausage Peppers & Onions Review & 2019 Hashbrowns w Bacon Taste Test Comparison

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The newest US MRE menu for 2020 is a hit - but is it better than the previous Menu #20, Hashbrowns with Bacon? Witness the duel of Menu #20's & find out!
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Steve1989MREInfo photo 1 2020 US MRE Menu 20... Steve1989MREInfo photo 2 2020 US MRE Menu 20... Steve1989MREInfo photo 3 2020 US MRE Menu 20... Steve1989MREInfo photo 4 2020 US MRE Menu 20...

"Sunflower oil; that might go rancid within 3 to 5 years" Harsh criticism indeed from the man who ate hundred year old pemmican.

by Iain Bagnall 1 week ago

“there’s nothing abnormal tasting about this at all” is roughly my standard for enjoyment in 2020

by ofvariousorrows 1 week ago

Recruiter : "So Steve, tell me why you're interested in serving your country?"
Steve : "Definitely the food."

by Pseudo 1 week ago

This has to be the freshest MRE he's ever eaten. It's only 7 months old.

by Geno2733 2 days ago

How is Steve getting 2020 MREs and I'm overseas eating 2015 MREs...

by WeavyAndG 1 week ago

MRE manufacturer: how much trail mix do you want in menu 20?

Military: yes

by Rosie P 1 week ago

I've checked out some of the other guys that do this but Steve's reviews are by far the best. His set up, word usage, he explains every little piece and and part of the deal. Has great catch phrases and has a very inviting voice and narration. To think I stumbled across Steve's reviees about 3 years ago just surfing YouTube and going down the rabbit hole one evening. I stayed up till morning watching his vids. Keep up the great work steve. From one Floridian to another, I salute you sir. Oh by the way, if you happen to read this. I found a kinda wacky, weird mre on Amazon prime, it's called zombie survival mre or something. Anyway they're themed lol I ordered one for 20 bucks, it's the stoners pack lol. It comes with 2 standard mre pizzas, 2 packs of skittle, 2 packs of starburst both originals. I believe it comes with other standard mre fare. Accessory pack and suck, crackers and jalapeno cheese spread. I like the jalapeno cheese but the bacon one is tremendously good as well. When you mix the two it takes it off the charts man. Soooooo good! Anyways just thought you might like to check those out, as to add some content to your page! Cheers mate.

by Rob Wernet 1 week ago

I hunted the hasbrowns for breakfast daily while in Syria. Sucks they got rid of it.

by Jesus S 1 week ago

The three types of Hiss: “No Hiss” “Nice little Hiss” and of course, “NICE Hiss”

by Just A Gamer 3 days ago

Steve— single handedly rocketing the price of Menu 20's in just 25 minutes.

by crunchyeater 1 week ago

He does MRE’s, like Rob Ross does paintings.

by M Ridlon 5 days ago

I'd rather see the sausage peppers and onions replace the spinach fettuccine of last year, while keeping the hash browns in the 2020 menu line-up. That should've been the ticket. Oh well.

by Gondola #264558 of Benis City 1 week ago

How do snakes flirt? “Nice hiss.”

by Mad Max RW 1 week ago

Waiter: "Your lobster, sir" Steve: "Where are the crackers and cheese sauce?"

by azurefog 3 days ago

Ive heard so many military people complain about how horrible MRE's are. I watch steve review a couple and im going online to pay top dollar for a 3 year old slovenian mre menu pack...

by shadyshawn trismegistus 1 week ago

I can understand the desire to omit dessert items, but it is a bit cruel to deprive the guys who actually need field rations because the rest of the Army in the rear is getting fat. M&Ms or a pound cake are a morale booster.

by Joe Conrad 1 week ago

For those who enjoyed Coffee Instant type II... Behold: “Beverage base orange, Type III” !

by Mikey129 1 week ago

I want Steve to do my autopsy when I die 😂

"Let's get these organs out onto a tray... Nice!"

by aarond127 1 week ago

I think this is just Steve showing off his 2020 rations that will make him survive the entire year.

by Erika Z 1 week ago

I have eaten these myself, and I can tell you that the vegetarian meals are normally better. Also if you get the lemon poppy seed pound cake that’s a win for you

by Bgaming465 5 days ago

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