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Steve Lacy - Playground (Official)

Steve Lacy photo 1 Steve Lacy - Playground (Official) Steve Lacy photo 2 Steve Lacy - Playground (Official) Steve Lacy photo 3 Steve Lacy - Playground (Official) Steve Lacy photo 4 Steve Lacy - Playground (Official)

who here getting Prince vibes?

by BB Fan 1 year ago

steve and frank be cut from the same cloth lmfao

by bhoujee megan 1 year ago

As someone who just figured out their sexuality, this album is so comforting. I love you Steve.

by Brendan Rouse 1 year ago

nostalgic..makes me feel like maybe I wonโ€™t just spend my whole life dreaming

by Anthony L 1 year ago

His vocals are insane on this

by Sadboy Ome 1 year ago


know U wanna play roundโ โ€”well baby, i'm on the playground
hop on up, get on down & wiggle that thing that's so round

somethin in the way U treat me like U do
2 can play the game when it feels so right next to U
& we can leave up out of here, bring UR body here
2 can feel the same on nights where love is the plan

chorus x2

remember all the days U left me by the phone?
U love to hesitate, now U are the 2nd place
U must have saw me out holdin hands with some1 else
baby blink without a doubt, I see the signs U keep givin me

(yeah, shake on, shake it down like what
shake on, shake it down, that bridge
shake on, shake it down like what
shake on, shake it down, that bridge)
sometimes people say we just run away
but we keep comin back 2 ya
our mistakes make us great
we shine, UR gold
know U wanna play round...

by Hunter Funk 1 year ago

This is a smash hit. Groovey wave mayne... Staying high ๐Ÿšฌ...

by Tomas Flores 1 year ago

I love Steveโ€™s music, hands down one of the most amazing artists out there

by Bryce Lee 1 year ago

When i first listened to the album i was like im not use to this, second time im like bring me my 10 speakers

by joyce golden 1 year ago

He tapped into his inner prince on this album

by Ellis Gill 1 year ago

NPR radio brought me here. Good call NPR! Steve, you're a gem and I'm your latest fan!

by T Roberson 1 year ago

My favorite song from the album ๐Ÿ˜ฉ The ending gets me

by Zariyah Rakari 1 year ago

Cannot get this song out of my head but I love it

by Olivia H 1 year ago

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