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PRANKING My Friends with XRAY MOD in UNO

We play UNO with XRAY!

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Ssundee: lets get to 60k in two days

Me: looks at likes
Also Me: how bout in two hours???

by Tkd Girl 1 week ago

Ssundee : I know this isnt fortnite pls dont dislike

by Renato Pavalić 1 week ago

“Before you slam your face into the dislike button, hit the like button”

He’s got a point

by Daimond Derp 1 week ago


by liam welch 1 week ago

I love how he says “ Listen, I know this isn’t Fortnite, but give this game a chance.”
When literally half the comments are about people says “ Stop playing Fortnite.”

by Martin Castro 1 week ago

Ssundee not exploiting

Everyone: Wait that’s illegal

by Wooosh Baiter 1 week ago

"this isnt fortnite dont jam your fingers on the dislike button"
Literally everyone that is above the age of 8: Likes because its NOT fortnite

by fLeXiNg 1 week ago

To clear up any confusion, when it is in the dark side, the person can see his and his teammate’s dark side cards.

by k sugiarto 1 week ago

"I know this isn't fortnite"
Wtf have you even read your comments

by Shadow Lord 1 week ago

Ssundee:I can see my teammate's cards.

Me : Thats the point of having a teammate

by Ghie San gabriel 1 week ago

Ssundee: I turn into tea kettles

Me: isn’t that normal in everyone’s house

by Reece Aitchison 1 week ago

Understanding the modern UNO is more complicated than explaining what memes are to my parents

by Dewlaj K 1 week ago

I remember when he would play fortnite and he would “I know this isn’t mine craft”

by Heist_Shark 1 week ago

"I understand its not fortni-"
One minute, I need to jam my face into the like button

by Joshua Withers 1 week ago

This is the game that doesn’t end
It going on and on my friend
Some people started playing it not noing what it was
And they continue playing it forever just because

by The Golv 1 week ago

It's sad when you notice that you've grown up, because now his jokes are cringey

by Ayman Hebish 1 week ago

Dude what happened to the terra tech serie you were gonna do but only did a single episode of? We all want a series of it. That vid has almost 300k likes.

by Hampus Öhman 1 week ago

Ssundee: I know this isn’t fortnight but please give this a chance....

Me: waiting for anything other than fortnight to upload

by Needy Tuber 1 week ago

“I know this isn’t FORTNITE”
Me: yay

by MaxPaolucci8 1 week ago

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