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We build a MAGNET in Skyfactory!
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โ—๏ธ About Sky Factory 4, Sky Factory 4 is an insane Mod Pack Series that takes the challenges of Minecraft to the next level starting the player on a 1 by 1 block and having them complete challenges to proceed. Not to mention the addition of new worlds, tools and more.
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SSundee photo 1 I TURNED INTO A MAGNET... SSundee photo 2 I TURNED INTO A MAGNET... SSundee photo 3 I TURNED INTO A MAGNET... SSundee photo 4 I TURNED INTO A MAGNET...

As a veteran of this Chanel when he said he was going to solve his storage systems I immediately thought of his M.E system

by Wes Gutrich 3 months ago

SSundee : "we're gonna make something, I am sick of all these chests"
Me : ME system is on it's way, boys

by Quentin Vidรฉos 3 months ago

he hasnt used that voice since the good olโ€™ days

by Vernnn 3 months ago

When ssundee says he's been busy between episodes he basically means he broke the game three times over again

by Fumikage Tokoyami 3 months ago

i canโ€™t believe iโ€™m 16 i havenโ€™t seen this man in yearssssss he has this charm i hope all of u young ones love him as much as i did i came back to pay respects love u ssundee hope u see this u camed my life iโ€™ll see ya in a bit

by RyderOnClaw 3 months ago

Can we have some extra episodes? Iโ€™m pretty sure everyone wants more. Like so he can see

by Onindo Barua 3 months ago

SSundee: Let's get 100K likes in 3 days
SSundee fans: gets 100K likes in 1 day

by Atheryx 3 months ago

The special word


Do you know what that means?

Boys,I have been busy in between episode

by Noor Playz 3 months ago

This series is missing one BIG thing


by Captain Brine 3 months ago

Who else grew up on ssundee and has only just came back and remembered how good he was

by Katie Savy 3 months ago

ssundee should play terra tech again

leave a like if you think he should.

by Shawn LeDoux 3 months ago


(I hope you know what I'm talking about lol)

by berrystar 111 3 months ago

I enjoyed ssundee when he wasn't so "kids friendly", when he did some complicated stuff in MC, made mature jokes...
I just want the old Ssundee back.... But it's never gonna happen sadly.

by Soap Holder 3 months ago

I would be surprised if there's an episode which doesn't have "I've been busy in between episodes."

by Seamus Vaniman 3 months ago

Ssundee: "I've been BUSY"
ahh, so you've skipped almost half the game.

by Eimillian 3 months ago

My first thoughts when he took the magnet and the stuff followed him: go to someoneโ€™s base and drag their items off the edge.

by BigMusic 3 months ago

I would just like to say, to conserve on energy. You can instead of the electric pump just have a cyclic fluid pipe facing down into an infinite water source. Free water pumping.

by SuperTNT1001 Games 3 months ago

Just so you know, you can use the storage system with the filing cabinets. If you do that, just about the only things that you would need a chest for is mob weapons and a few non stackables.

by The_Matad0r 3 months ago

Thereโ€™s only one youtuber in the world whoโ€™d leave mid-recording to shave his mustache ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Gacha Emperor 3 months ago

Ssundee: I made this electric pump, which is really easy to craft

Me, seeing a steel casing after playing Enigmatica 2 Expert: *confused screaming

by The Cryptic King 3 months ago

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